Knowledge is power; a hot commodity that increases simply by sharing. Knowledge helps us to grow mentally, making us happy and confident with a true sense of pride. To share our knowledge is like giving away gold; a commodity of great value to everyone, the rich and the poor. So, brothers and sisters, share. Together we can make a difference in the world.
Community Experts

You can save many people from English starvation

For every shirt purchased, the majority of the profit goes to hire English tutors to run free classes in our ever growing Facebook English community group (over 21,000 plus members). Many of the group members come from underdeveloped countries. Many who can’t afford pay for native English speakers. With your generosity, we can give them the ability to read and write English. This makes a valuable difference for the people within these communities; as it gives them the chance to apply for higher paying jobs; substantially improving their standard of living.