Part 2 -12 common but useful words that start with F you should add to your word vocabulary

by Jan 14, 2019English Vocabulary

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ONE for NOT + (one or one+) (F) Part(2)

12 common but useful words that start with F you should add to your word vocabulary

forehand (stroke) = (lawn – tennis) to hit the ball in the usual way) not backhand when the back of the hand is turned away from the face
forget = not to remember
forgive = (to forget a wrong), not to punish nor be angry at a wrong
fraud = (trick/dishonesty)/He is a fraud= not what he pretends to be/(adj. fraudulent)

free= (1) (able to do what one wishs), not tied, not in prison, not control by rule / (Free speech=the right to say what one thinks / The way is free=open, with nothing to stop one / The free end of the rope=not tied down).

(2) easy, graceful & simple, not stiff ceremonial / Free with his money, Free handed = generous.

(3) not busy, not already being used by someone else / (I am free to – morrow morning = not busy, can see you / Have you any room free ?= not in use).

(4) given without payment / (Free – trade=allowing foreign googs to come into country without payment / Free will=the idea that one’s future & fortune are not fixed by fate)


fresh= (1. newly grown. newly made)

2. smelling, tasting or looking clean and new

3. not experienced, eg. A freshman (fresher) = one in his first year at the university.

4. not seen or heard before, eg. Have you any fresh news.

5. not tired.

6. (of water or meat) not salt.

frivolous = not serious / (foolish / too interested in light and amusing things / n. frivolity )
frugal = careful not to waste eg. money, food / (A frugal meal = a simple meal not costing much)
fuddled =not able to think clearly because one has drunk too much wine.
fug = Sl. not fresh hot air / (adj. fuggy / To fug indoors = to stay in a hot room)
fugitive = (one who is running away from the law / escaping) / not lasting very long)
fusty = (having a bad), not fresh, smell.

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