12 Secrets How To Learn English Easily, Fast And Effectively

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12 Secrets How To Learn English Easily, Fast And Effectively


Sachin Kumar


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The topic for today is “How To Learn English Easily, Fast And Effectively“.

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Today we learned about “12 Secrets How To Learn English Easily, Fast And Effectively. Let Sachin Kumar shares with you his top 12 secrets how to learn English easily, fast and effectively from the comfort of your own home.

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Secrets How To Learn English Easily Fast And Effectively

How To Learn English Easily, Fast And Effectively | Sachin Kumar


12 Secrets How To Learn English Easily, Fast And Effectively


Sachin Kumar


How can I become fluent in English?



Secrets How to Learn English Easily – Fast and Easy Way!



Thank you, “Youtube – eVidyarthi – Basics of English Speaking for Beginners“.


Answer by Sachin Kumar (MBA IN OPERATION). All credit goes to Sachin Kumar, Thank you!



12 Secrets How To Learn English Easily, Fast And Effectively


Secrets How To Learn English Easily Fast And Effectively 6.8/10



1. Identify the tense. Not only this will give you the power to understand that what others are saying but also you will be able to understand their stuff in the sensible way. Whenever you listen something in English just try to figure it out the tense of sentence and very soon you will get fun while learning.

  • I have fired him today.
  • I tried my best to get the job.


2. Start speaking only with the nouns as it is pretty much easy to speak as verb’s are little bit complex for newcomers. For the beginner it’s quite difficult to adjust the verbs . Believe me if you try to do everything all of the sudden what will happen you will lose your confidence. As it will be difficult to hold the things so make it easy and go with the slow pace. You have to realise yourself that daily you are enhancing your speaking skills by adding something or the others.

  • She is a teacher.
  • He will be the next king.
  • He has a innocent face.
  • You were crazy.


3. Adopt a habit of answering every question in the same tense so by doing this you will get practice of speaking with the right sentence although you are using same lines like

Q. Is he listening to the sir?

A. Yes he is listening to the sir.

so here your are getting the idea of how to answer the people as well as you are honing your tenses. This will give you a good start. Very soon you will have the benefit of this practice.


4. Listening is a fine art and if you understand this , it will give you enormous power to perceive how a sentence can be framed or spoken. So you must listen. As I was telling you identify the tenses. And answer with same phrase how will you do that if you are not listening attentively.


5. Use it or loss it. Whatever you are learning just start using it right away from the moment. Whether it is a words or anything. It will become much easier to remember the things. Remembering can help for one two weeks but if you bring this into your regular practise then you will start learning effortlessly.


6. If you really want to add the word then Don’t try to remember the words in stead of this practice it, as we all know that Rolling Stones gathers no mass so don’t force yourself to memorise 5 or 10 words daily just if you have one word and you are practicing in such a way that you can use it in your any sentence then what do you think isn’t it good as compared with having 10 word daily but don’t know how to use it.


7. Speaking to yourself. No doubts it is the best way to learn. As we all know always something or the other is roaming in our head. So if you give a particular direction to your thoughts it will be set and you will start learning effortlessly. In the beginning you have to show the path to you thoughts.


8. Get the basic knowledge of adverb adjective noun verb and with one word you would get 4 way to use it. This will give you an idea how to change the word according to sentence. If you know how to use it in different sentences then it will give you an edge over others. If you have this elementary things along with you can explore it anywhere.


  • This is the beauty of life. (Noun)
  • You have beautified my face. (Verb)
  • He made it beautifully. (Adverb)
  • You are a beautiful person. (Adjective) see what a one word can do if you are aware of these simple things.


9. Add words in your speaking : do you know what is the effective way to add it. Just relate it with your own simpler word. And you will be able to see how soon that word will embarrass you. Like you can take an example of the word inculcate means making others understand.

  • Like I tried to understand his talk.
  • I tried to inculcate his talk.


10. Once you feel comfortable with the word then You can explore it. My sir said If you keep grammar in your head then you may be able to frame sentences but if you keep this on your lips. Certainly, you will become a speaker. If I can remember understand then inculcate will be remembered, as for me they are joint.


11. Read all the hoarding and Advertisements at the public place. This will give you good set of words as well as you will learn the spelling of words if you read every day or on regular basis. You would get new words and it will penetrate in your mind.


12. Don’t judge a person before walking a mile which means believe in yourself and let the things happens by their own.


Actually this one is from my elder brother long time back I was learning typing but I was stuck at the speed of 20 word per minute and no matter how much I tried I was unable to increase my speed then one fine my brother came to me and advised to do typing until your fingers get paining and you won’t believe I started improving. Within a month I touched 38 word per minute with the fine accuracy.


So Once you are set with your basic things then just start doing practice continuously till you get pain in your mouth and very soon you will find yourself comfortable with the language in fact you will become familiar.


Just believe in you and you won’t be betrayed.


Secrets How To Learn English Easily Fast And Effectively Reference: Sachin Kumar. “How can I learn English easily?”  originally appeared on Quora, the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.


Other Top Secrets How To Learn English Easily, Fast And Effectively



Secrets How To Learn English Easily Fast And Effectively Set specific goals


How long does it take you to learn English? First of all, it depends on your goals and a study schedule. After specifying why you want to become proficient in English, write down WHAT exactly you want to achieve and WHEN. Setting clear and specific goals will give you the needed clarity of the process and help you make the right decisions. Set a long and short-term goal and focus on working towards them.

Thank you, Preply.com – Prepare to speak confidently with the best online tutors.


Secrets How To Learn English Easily Fast And Effectively Learn words with similar pronunciation


Nobody can learn all of the English languages. No need to worry about trying. A useful shortcut to learning is that in English we have lots of words that have the same pronunciation, but a different spelling and meaning. For example, ‘come here’ has the same pronunciation as, ‘I can hear the birds’. You might find it easier to build vocabulary by knowing the different meanings.


Thank you, EC English – EC English offers tailored language course shaped to deliver the solutions you’re looking for. Learn to work, to pass exams or just for the sake of it.


Secrets How To Learn English Easily Fast And Effectively Schedule daily practice


Practice your verbal (listening/speaking) and written (reading/writing) skills each day. Schedule your practices for one specific time each day, and commit to studying during that time.

  • Tell your teacher, classmates, friends, or relatives about your schedule and ask them to check on your progress. You might feel more motivated to stick to your schedule if you’re worried about the consequences of straying from it.


Thank you, Wikihow – Learn how to do anything with wikiHow, the world’s most popular how-to website. Easy, step-by-step, illustrated instructions for everything.


Secrets How To Learn English Easily Fast And Effectively Find English Resources that Match Your Goal


Make sure everything you do in your English studies brings you closer to your goal. If your goal is to talk with native English speakers about films, then watch English films. If you want to pass an English exam so you can study abroad, get a tutor who’s qualified to prepare you for that exam. If you just want to learn how to have casual conversations in English, then go to meetups and language exchanges where you can chat about everyday topics. This is why it’s so important to have a good, clear goal. If you aren’t sure where you want to be in three months, six months or next year, then you won’t know where to start looking for good practice material.


Thank you, Fluent In 3 Months – I’m BENNY THE IRISH POLYGLOT, and I’m here to help you be confident in speaking a second language.


Secrets How To Learn English Easily Fast And Effectively Massive Input


Do not waste time studying grammar or vocabulary.  Don’t waste time trying to speak. You should spend all of your time either listening or reading.  This is the fastest and most efficient method for speaking English fluently. Carry your iPod everywhere.  Always have a book with you. Specifically, you should listen mostly to the Mini-Story Lessons, the Point of View Lessons, and the Main Audio Articles.  These are the most powerful lessons and will help you learn the fastest. You should read easy English novels– starting with novels for children.   Absolutely do not waste time reading textbooks!


Thank you, Effortless English Club – Learn To Speak English Powerfully With Effortless English.


Play Monopoly in English


Another fun thing you can do is to play games that require you to read or speak in English. A good example is Monopoly. The board and cards are all written in English, so read them out loud when you’re playing. Monopoly is easily available in all toy stores. This board game will let you move around the board, buying, selling and renting out properties. The game concept is easy, but for non-English speakers, reading the text on the cards can be a challenge. So if you’re playing, reading the text out loud should prove to be helpful. Just for added fun, read the text with some emotion. If you are the landlord, express a dominating tone when speaking. Maybe you’re a very nice banker, or perhaps the banker is mean. You decide!


Thank you, FluentU – Language Immersion Online | Learn a Language with Videos.


  Read everything you can get your hands on


Classic literature, paperbacks, newspapers, websites, emails, your social media feed, cereal boxes: if it’s in English, read it. Why? Well, this content will be full of juicy new vocabulary, as well as a fair amount you already know. This helps you improve quickly, as re-exposure to learned vocabulary gives you new examples in context, therefore reinforcing those words in your mind. On the other hand, learning new words and expressions is essential to building your vocabulary arsenal, particularly in a language like English with so many words! However, don’t just read and move on – next, you’ve got to…


Thank you, EF – The World Leader in International Education.




This starts with the commitment of doing something in English every day. Why every day? Because of the following reasons:

  1. it’s what you need to do if you want to learn English fast
  2. it gets you into the habit of doing something in English
  3. repetition and sleep is powerful


Thank you, To Fluency – To Fluency shows you how to learn English in the most effective way so that you can become fluent as fast as possible. Are you ready to speak English fluently?


If you think about it, our lives are an endless pursuit of answers and new questions. So how can YOU take action to ensure that your learning never comes to an end?


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