135 Pomegranates Sayings 135 Pomegranates Sayings

135 Pomegranates Sayings | My Learning Goals and Writings

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 135 Pomegranates Sayings

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135 Pomegranates Sayings

135 Pomegranates Sayings

135 Pomegranates Sayings | My Learning Goals and Writings



135 Pomegranates Sayings Chatsifieds

135 Pomegranates Sayings


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135 Pomegranates Sayings





1 India is the largest producer of the pomegranate.
2 pomegranates were at the farmers orchard in the country of Afghanistan at Kandahar and helmand.
3 pomegranates will be in your home when your father buys from that famous fruit market.




4 pomegranates have a size big and small shape in round and color in red.
5 years ago,pomegranates had a size in big.
6 pomegranates will have a better smell taste and size when icrisat invents new seeds.




7 the salesman makes juice by these pomegranates every year in this industrial exhibition
8 her mother peeled that pomegranate yesterday when she made juice
9 she will sip pomegranate juice when she makes from this pomegranate then to give her daughter at this summer after she came from school.
10 she is sipping the pomegranate juice just now.
11 she was sipping the pomegranate juice at this time yesterday when I went her home.
12 she will be sipping the pomegranate juice at this time tomorrow when she comes to our house.
13 she has sipped pomegranate juice at present.
14 she had sipped pomegranate juice by that time last Sunday.
15 she will have sipped pomegranate juice by this time tomorrow evening for getting more energy and eradicate weakness.
16 she has been sipping the pomegranate juice for 5 minutes since he comes
17 she had been sipping the pomegranate juice for one hour since she prepares food for the guest at that fest.
18 she will have been sipping pomegranate juice for twenty minutes when she cooks delicious food .




19 pomegranates are cultivated well by farmers in the state of Maharashtra in india every season.
20 pomegranate juice was sipped by her yesterday at that fest.
21 pomegranates will be produced by this farmer through using disease free quality plant material and improved of cultivation .
22 pomegranates are being harvested by farmers that can be tailored according to demand.
23 pomegranate was being peeled by her at that time last Sunday.
24 pomegranate has been eaten by her when her mother says
25 pomegranate had been bought by her by this time yesterday
26 pomegranates will have been taken by her when she makes pomegranate juice.


Model verbs:


27 she would buy pomegranates from that market because she prepares pomegranate pickle
28 she may peel pomegranates with this knife then she takes half piece to eat it.
29 he might buy pomegranates for making juice because these fruits are available through out the year.
30 she should peel these pomegranates before she prepares the juice
31 he needs to squeeze this fresh pomegranate into honey and add hot water to drink dawning or wooing hours. For getting sweet voice as well as beauty.
32 he ought to cultivate pomegranate plant because this soil is so nice for this crop cultivation.
33 she must keep pomegranates in front of god for worshiping goddess
34 she had to keep pomegranates in refrigerator for freshness and taste
35 they have to sell pomegranates on the foot path because their profession is hawking
36 pomegranates will have to eat for getting energy.
37 she can have cut this pomegranate easily with sharp knife
38 pomegranates will kept in front of his new car when he goes to the market
39 pomegranates shall sell in this heritage fresh ac showroom because customers likes it’s sweetness.
40 pomegranate can give vitamins
41 Last Friday, the shop trader could hold big pomegranate in that fruit basket which has sweet in taste .
42 she bought more pomegranates then juice making research center for making juice after that, it is distributed by her all friends and relatives.
42 pomegranate plant used to grow in our grand father house when I studied primary education.
43 she had to drink pomegranate juice protecting from anemia.
44 he would be drinking pomegranate juice with honey as a doctor turned spiritual teacher advise.
45 she may be drinking pomegranate juice it contains high levels of antioxidants called flavoring so that these flavoring are known to be effective in counteracting various cancer radicals.
46 he must be buying pomegranates from this market at this time every Sunday.
47 she should be choosing good pomegranates from the vendors basket for preparing pomegranate juice
48 she would have been eating pomegranates when her daughter came to home.
49 she should have been taking pomegranates from refrigerator when her mother says.
50 she can be drinking pomegranate juice when she goes grand mothers home.
51 she could be bringing pomegranates when she traveled by bus because this bus may stop at this famous fruit market.
52 if her husband had brought pomegranates she would have prepared pomegranate juice
53 if she had prepared pomegranate juice her husband could have drunken in dinner.
54 if he had kept pomegranates in refrigerators she should have made pomegranate juice.
55 this pomegranate would have a big in size color in purple
56 pomegranate may have a sour and sweet in taste and this fruit contains 18.7 mg carbohydrates out of 100 grams fruit.
57 pomegranate might have a vitamin “C” if the pomegranate plant grows in red and fertile soil.
58 she should have more pomegranates when she makes pomegranate juice . Pomegranate should have a 236 m grams potassium out of 100 grams
59 this farmer ought to have a pomegranate garden because their heritages had. Pomegranate ought to have 36 mgrams phosphorus out of 100 grams
60 he must have a pomegranate juice for getting instant energy pomegranate must have a 12 grams magnesium out of 100grams
61 pomegranates needs to have a cooling temperature for better freshness. It needs to have 10 grams calcium out of 100 grams pomegranate.
62 the young farmer has to have a pomegranate orchards he gets from his uncle. Pomegranate has to have a 10.2 grams vitamin c out of 100 mgrams.
63 pomegranates have to have fresh and strong if it comes from farmer garden to market fast they have to have a 0.30 iron grams out of 100 grams.
64 the priest will have to have a pomegranates for worshiping goddess. It will have to have 3g rams sodium out of 100 grams.
65 some pomegranates can have a oval shape and 4.0 grams fiber total dietary out of 100 grams
66 pomegranate juice could have a more if we store in refrigerator it could have protein 1.67 grams out of 100 grams.
67 pomegranates used to have 83 calories energy and better smell years ago.
68 pomegranates had to have short availability and if its price was high at market.
69 pomegranates would be in that tree after the flowering completes.
70 pomegranates may be at solaria fruit market. Farmer bring near by the villages.
71 pomegranates might be superior quality if the farmer follow these good harvesting methods.
72 pomegranates should be in front of the traders shop at vegetable market.
73 pomegranates ought to be at vendors cart
74 pomegranates needs to be at fruits hawker bicycle
75 pomegranates must be in refrigerator door panel if she kept full of vegetables and fruit sin it.
76 pomegranates has to be on that vendors cart which it is corner of sbi atm
77 those pomegranates have to be on the basket in front of the vendor shop at main road market
78 pomegranates will have to be at juice makers stall for coming fest.
79 pomegranates can be on the mat at vendors shop he sells to consumers.
80 pomegranates could be in that vegetable bag if you bought.
81 pomegranates had to be at farmers pomegranate garden if broker did not pluck due to price low.
82 pomegranates used to be at old mans house when I was young.
83 le this pomegranate choose
84 take this pomegranate to peel then we eat it
85 where were these pomegranates brought?
86 let this pomegranate be not choose by her
87 theses pomegranates were peeled by her.
88 this pomegranate is biggest one from that basket.
89 this pomegranate is one of the sweetest of kambala cheruvu fruit market shop out of that pomegranate basket.
90 pomegranates are better than any other citric fruits.
91 pomegranates are better than all other fruits.
92 this pomegranate is as sweet as any other fruit.
93 pomegranates are yet to take from this market.
94 making pomegranate juice is yet to complete in this jar.
95 if she peel pomegranate her daughter will eat it.
96 if she buys pomegranates from the market she can make pomegranate juice.
97 if she cut pomegranate into pieces her daughter may make juice .
98 if she made pomegranate juice then add to sugar she would drink it.
99 if she bought pomegranate, she could sip pomegranate juice .
100 if she cut pomegranate into pieces her daughter might sip in the evening.
101 if she had brought the pomegranates her mother would have prepared juice
102 if she had plucked the pomegranates from her own tree her mother should have prepared the juice.
103 if he had bought the pomegranates he could have made a pomegranate juice.
104 she said I drink “Pomegranate juice”
105 she said that she had drunk pomegranate juice.
106 she bought big red color pomegranates.
107 pomegranates which she bought are big size red color.
108 she bought pomegranates and it were size in big color in red.
109 as he knows it is pomegranate juice.
110 take as much as you drink this pomegranate juice until you get energy from it.
111 though she sip pomegranate juice but it is taste.
112 until you bought the pomegranates she wont make the pomegranate juice.
113 she buys not only sweet pomegranates but also sour pomegranates.
114 she sipped pomegranate juice from this juice mug .
115 she buys pomegranates as if she choose then she make pomegranate juice and add sugar then stir so that distributed such juice so as to drink all the guest for fulfill their thirsty.
116 she offers pomegranate juice when the guest came to home from that heat waves.
117 the guest drink that juice so as to fulfill their thirsty.
118 I say all these things so that she manage specially.
119 pomegranates were in that farmers field that it had come to market too late.
120 she took these pomegranates as if she know well.
121 while people had been in heat waves to take cold pomegranate juice because it is a critic fruit and it has enough c vitamin, niacin, riboflavin, folate.
122 when we take pomegranate juice all the strains had gone , with a minute, while washing clothes. We got double enthusiasm this is the another benefit from pomegranate.
123 pomegranate gives not only health but also beauty.
124 I take pomegranate juice with honey ( instead of sugar) everyday.
125 benefits from pomegranate , juice uses as it has a antibacterial characteristics and it can reduces the risk of various coronary diseases.
126 pomegranates help reduce illnesses of many forms, including atherosclerosis and osteoarthritis. The damages that are caused due to the thickening and hardening of the arterial walls and in the cartilage and joints cane cured by eating this fruit
127 pomegranates are capable of preventing the creation enzymes that are responsible for breaking down connective tissues within the body
128 healthy blood flow can be maintained in the body by consuming this fruit in any form. Pomegranate supplies iron to the blood, thus helping to reduce symptoms of anemia, including exhaustion, dizziness, weakness, and hearing loss.
129 for diabetic patients, drinking pomegranate juice can reduce the risk of various coronary diseases. Along with this, there is a reduction in the hardening of the arteries, which can inhibit the development of carious heart diseases.
130 a pomegranate fruit judged ripe when it develops distinctive color and impart metallic sound when tapped by the fingertip.
131 it must be picked up at the right time before turning over mature, otherwise, its seeds become harder, inedible, and the whole fruit tends, to burst open and spoil
132 pomegranates have the ability to make the blood thinner.
133 pomegranates contain high levels of antioxidants called flavonoids.
134 one of the best benefits of pomegranates is that their juice, along with its antibacterial and antiviral properties, helps to reduce the effects of dental plaque and protects against various oral diseases.
135 pomegranate fruit also helps in curing digestive problems, pomegranate juice is also used for handling problems like dysentery and cholera.

135 Pomegranates Sayings

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