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Chatsifieds name is pronounced as Chat + Clas(sifieds).




Fast and Easy English. First professional social English learning college on social media!  Learn English up to 5 times faster than traditional study.


Our mission is to provide good quality, affordable and fair English education to everyone. Join our exclusive, Social English learning College for just $1 a day. Satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Unsubscribe at any time. Subscribe it now.




Our Value

Our mission is to provide quality and affordable English education to everyone.



Our Beliefs

To bring equality to English language learning by delivering quality and affordable English education to every corner of the globe and to everyone 



Our Team

Our team consists of hardworking professional English mentors and moderators from all over the world. We are united by our core values and not limited by geographical locations. We are truly a worldwide English learning Academy and social community. We are powered by people for people like you.


About – knowledge sharing is caring, and knowledge increase by sharing!



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