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About Us – Chasifieds.com

Chatsifieds name is pronounced as Chat + Clas(sifieds). knowledge sharing is caring. We share and spread your knowledge and wisdom to others.

We are a fast growing English learning social community to gain and share knowledge. Also, we are aiming to become one of the best English knowledge sharing internet journal which runs by many non-native English speakers in our community. Together we are better, and if we are doing it together, we will succeed in helping millions of others to become confidence English speakers and learners.

Our community is for emerging and confident future leaders. Our group members are the leaders of tomorrow, and they have helped over ten thousand plus people with their knowledge and wisdom.

There’s a lot of latent knowledge out there in people’s heads and there’s a whole other group of people that would love to learn from those people. Everyone is unique in this world. By sharing your language, culture, knowledge, study tips, interests, the experience and things you are passionate about, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before!