Every one is unique in this world

By live streaming and sharing your language, culture, knowledge, study tips, interests, the experience and things you are passionate about, you put something wonderful in the world that was not there before!

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Number of Viewers

One single live show can support one on one or 10,000+ simultaneous interactive viewers.

Payment Integration

We currently support three payment methods: Paypal, WeChat and ApplePay.

Live Shows

You can make money by creating “Pay Per Ticket”, “Pay Per Minute” live shows and receive virtual gifts from viewers. First minute free previewing (trial) of your live show for first time viewer. After the first minute, the viewer has the choice of exit or pay for continued viewing.

Scheduling and Booking

You can schedule live shows to run at a future time. Viewers can browse through all scheduled shows and pre-purchase the ticket (booking).

Short Videos

You can share or sell your favorite self-fries and short videos.

Review System

you can leave comment and star rating on live shows and videos. You can even bar or report offensive users and content.

Private Messaging

You can not only send direct private messing to each other, but also direct message or video call with the host during the live stream broadcast.  Posting your offers or jobs to the Community whiteboard and private messaging integration.

Social Login & Sharing

You can sign in with your social network account and also share your favorite live shows and videos to with your friends on facebook, twitter, wechat and qq social networks.