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Charles E.J. Moulton

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Are We Really as Smart as We Think Charles E.J. Moulton grew up as the son of opera singer Gun Kronzell and actor and author Herbert Eyre Moulton. He is the descendant of Irish barons. To his credit he has 139 performed theater productions and thousands of concerts, 16 published books and 150 published pieces. He has directed and starred in his own plays, paints, conducts and composes. He is married and has a daughter.

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Are We Really as Smart as We Think Charles E.J. Moulton

 Are We Really as Smart as We Think

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The more I know, the more I know that I don’t know.
Albert Einstein

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Are We Really as Smart as We Think

Are We Really as Smart as We Think?


Are We Really as Smart as We Think?

Are We Really as Smart as We Think?

Healthy Perspective-Change


Are We Really as Smart as We Think?

Are We Really as Smart as We Think?

Mankind prides itself in being at the highest step on the ladder of creation. But are we really that smart? Have we really figured it all out? Society tells us that medicine helps us live longer, but the main global cause of death is iatrogenic illness, sickness due to medical fault. Prozac is as effective as a placebo, chemotherapy also kills healthy cells and lust for life has proven more effective a cure than clinics. Even doctors are agreeing that the physical ability for self healing is innate. Scientists now say that consciousness is the only red thread holding the universe together.  


153 billion animals are filled up with chemicals and slaughtered yearly for mass consumption, but in the end 40 % of all that produced food is thrown away. We produce more than we need, throw the packages away into the ocean. 80 % of our population is starving while 20 % live in bliss. Is that smart? Are we smart?   Society lies to us, making us believe in the structure. All we need to do is search our feelings and a much deeper truth will emerge. Life is deeper and the soul is from another place. If we believe quantum mechanics, this world isn’t even real. 


The only thing that makes is real is your experience of it. So it’s time for you, dear reader, to make up your mind who matters to you, who you love and what you care about. How do you want to be remembered?   What if I told you that all the people you have met in your life you have met for a specific reason? That they are here to serve you achieve your purpose in what your soul has to learn? Would that change your perspective on what life really is? Probably, right?

  Are We Really as Smart as We Think? Are We Really as Smart as We Think?

What if I told you that all the people you know, especially your closest family, are people you have met on numerous occasions in previous lives? Would that change your perspective? Probably, it would.   Your wife might have been your sister in an earlier life. Your brother might have been your earlier wife. Your daughter a dear friend you wanted to see again, live with again, build something up from scratch with again. The point is that you meet them again because you feel good being around them. It helps you develop your spiritual depth.  


Now, if we realize we are immortal spiritual beings living in a temporary physical experience things change. We are no longer dependent on a religious congregation to claim what we already have: our eternal souls.  


Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and Lao-Tse are holy souls who have eternally decided to help souls find their true spiritual nature. We can use all of their help to find love and truth, or just one of them, or none. Even if we say we don’t believe in God, we are using her – God, according to Steven Tyler, is a woman – spiritual energy at every moment, whatever we feel, think or do, so we live in God even if we say we don’t believe in God. You don’t only have a soul. You are a soul. Limiting your faith to religion diminishes God. You are a part of God whether you know it or not. If you exist, you’re a part of God.  


We all know that our bodies are 99,9 % empty space, that our spiritual energy holds our bodies together, that our electrons constantly buzz and connect with other people’s electrons, that 728 out of body experiences are recorded daily in the U.S. alone. We also know that thoughts have weight and that the aura can be photographed. We ask what was before the big bang, what’s beyond the end of the universe and we know that when you think about a friend, he thinks about you. We know God is not religion. Or did the cave man ask for a holy book when he looked up at the night sky?  


Imagine then that you meet in this life a person who was your enemy in your former life, and you meet him or her in this life simply because you need to settle your differences and forgive. The strange energy is still there from your differences, maybe you were at war even back then. But in this life you can start anew because you are not burdened by memories.  

Are We Really as Smart as We Think?

If we realize that our current existence is just a temporary thing and that we have been men, women, various races and even animals in past lives, then we stop treating each other like commodities. We stop insisting we have to be the member of a certain club to know God. God does not judge according to your membership record. He only sees the shape of your heart and soul.  


Souls do not simply appear out of nowhere. Official Christian doctrine does not consider reincarnation, but that does not mean it’s not there. There are dozens of books and videos on this. The traditional bible has a plethora of hints about it. Matthew 17:12 – 13 has Jesus hinting that John the Baptist is the reborn Elijah. Hebrews 7:10 says that “… when Melchizedek met Abraham, Levi was still in the body of his ancestor.”  


Geddes MacGregor, in his book “Reincarnation in Christianity”, claimed in 1978 that the original claims about reincarnation were suppressed by the early Catholics, probably at the council of Nicea 325 A.D. And why not? The four canonical gospels were chosen among 57 candidate gospels, the clerics decided on their own, against biblical words, to impose celibacy on priests and omit women from priesthood, although Jesus chose a woman, Mary Magdalene, to spread the news about the resurrection.  


If we believe an ancient Indian text, a young man named Itzhe studied with a sacred man around 20 A.D. in India. Many of the ideas there seem to coincide with Christ’s teachings. All of that seems to point to where he was during his lost years. Jesus was vegan, he was a feminist, apolitical, and certainly opposed the establishment. Yes, he spoke of the world building its Christian community on Peter’s rock, but I think he was speaking in a spiritual sense. He did not mean for his followers to become the relic-cherishing, Muslim-killing, executing, angry world leaders they became. After all, look at how he spoke of the Pharasees. He said they were clean on the outside and had spiders inside them. How would he speak of the Renaissance popes who sold letters to people in order to buy away their sins? Accordingly, some of what we believe to be Jesus teachings are partly changed power games based on political propaganda. Jesus is an eternal soul, a helper in need, a saviour, not a sociological weapon of revenge.  


All we have to do is use our common sense. Reincarnation makes sense. If we look at Quantum Physics, it’s the only thing that does make sense.  

Are We Really as Smart as We Think?


Basically, it is hard to change perspectives that are so imbedded in society. God is not society. We have to start following our gut feelings. When we take antibiotics, we keep getting the same sickness over and over, year after year. And still we say we need antibiotics. 70 % of the world’s soy bean production goes to feeding livestock that never see green grass or daylight – and yet we blame vegan foods for surplus production. We say we need meat to get vitamin B12 when, actually, vegan foods offer much more B12 per ounce.


The Bush Administration scrapped Clinton and Gore’s Dscvr Satillite in 2001, the one that would have helped solve climate change. They scrapped it in spite of knowing how good it could be because it would limit their own power, so shortly before 9/11.  


We say animals are not as smart as us, although 21 years of Testsuru Metsusama’s experiments in Inuyama, Japan, say otherwise. There, chimpanzees show ten times better and quicker mathematical memory for complex number memory than humans.  


Dolphins and elephants communicate, even silently, over large distances, and even your regular ant sends unusual commands to fellow ants that are followed explicitly.   Mankind, creation’s crowning glory? A species that giggles shamefully at the lovemaking that creates our kids and celebrates the people that kills them?  

Are We Really as Smart as We Think?


What leaders do we send to the top? Finger-pointers that cater to people’s fear, people who solve no problems but create them, people who get voters by telling gullible citizens who’s to blame even if they are not to blame. I could point a finger at someone, anyone, claiming it’s all their fault. There would always be people that would listen to that. For years, the Jewish population were the chosen culprits. They killed Jesus, right? Wrong.  


Jesus was trialed by a Roman procurate because of the hate of a congregation of pharisees of different regional origin, pulled before a massive crowd living in the Roman Empire in an area that had a dozen races and tribes. The Jews were not at all responsible. Rome was. Do we hate Italy for that? Why should we? That would be like blaming the first Habsburg king for the Second World War.   Fortunately, we live in a time of spiritual awakening that makes up its own mind and regards the world according to the criteria of spiritual and not sociological standards.  


What does this tell us?

  • Things are not what they seem.
  • Make up your own mind.
  • Don’t believe everything people tell you. Find out for yourself. The truth is out there. Knowledge is power.


But always remember the words of Albert Einstein: “The more I know, the more I know that I don’t know.”  


Some things cannot be explained in words. The shape of your heart, the color of your love and the depth of your soul. These things can only be felt. And that, my dears, is what saves us all in the end.  


Thank God. Are We Really as Smart as We Think?

If you think about it, our lives are an endless pursuit of answers and new questions. So how can YOU take action to ensure that your learning never comes to an end?


Are We Really as Smart as We Think?
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Are We Really as Smart as We Think?