Best ever Inspirational and Motivational Quotes, Poems, Poetry by Nani Herlina

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Nani Herlina

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in fact,

there are two things to you that are loved by God,

that is gentle and not easily angry.

Hadst, Muslim

Nani Herlina

Best ever Inspirational and Motivational Quotes, Poems, Poetry by Nani Herlina

there is a feeling that I cannot convey there is a longing that I cannot declare there is a love that I cannot express it all I am afraid without describing it through words, all that I enjoy without any disturbing complaints do not want to publish to anyone, because love exists for you or not but there will always be room for you. even without knowing him, because you are special who has been destined for me. Nani Herlina
someone who is good, he will not bring down others, but he will help others to get up. Nani Herlina
if everyone gives up on difficult times, there will be no successful people to this day Nani Herlina
Good morning all there’s nothing wrong if you don’t like someone … the wrong … you disturbed his life, because of your dislike Nani Herlina
the beauty of togetherness loves each other Nani Herlina
never you give me a pinch because I will reward you with a punch, but if you give me coffee I will reply with milk. Nani Herlina
life is too reluctant to die complicated forget it’s hard .. remembered sick I continue the journey without direction and destination … I am like in the midst of a sea of waves, goats are not lonely … I survive for you I am patient for you I sacrifice for you but all in vain … by all means, I have traveled … By all means, I go through … but all in vain, you look at one eye, and finally tired of picking me up I am tired… you passed from me I don’t care .. I am tired.. Nani Herlina
someone has not been able to reach the peak of his kindness, in his opinion that his knowledge can defeat his stupid attitude, and patience can defeat his desires. all of this will not be possible except with science Nani Herlina

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