English Class – Rare English word to learn the noun of Comity

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A man is born alone and dies alone, and he experiences the good and bad consequences of his karma alone, and he goes alone to hell or the Supreme abode.


English Class

Rare English word to learn the noun Comity?

Do you know the history and correct usage of the rare English word “Comity”?

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Comity is a noun and in plural form is comities,

English Class – Comity Definition:

  • an association of nations for their mutual benefit. the mutual recognition by nations of the laws and customs of others. eg
    plural noun: comity of nations; noun: comity of nations
    2. courtesy and considerate behaviour towards others.

English Class – Comity Origin:

Comity derives from the Latin comitas, courtesy, from cemis, friendly, courteous.

Comity has a number of possible meanings, the earliest recorded one being “friendly social atmosphere; social harmony.”

The word may also mean “a loose widespread community based on common social institutions,” “avoidance of proselytizing members of another religious denomination,” and, since 1862, to comity of nations (“the courtesy and friendship of nations marked especially by mutual recognition of executive, legislative, and judicial acts”).



English Class – Comity Examples:

  • Always my a pair comity is constant.
  • Sometimes comity is regarded as a stimulus to the pattern of behaviour.
  • No comity by which a democratic society must live had broken down.
  • The basic feature of positive comity is its voluntariness.
  • Because of the absence of international institution, comity of nations is the best way to create an efficient settlement.
  • Based on comity of nations, we can create a new international parallel litigations system to change it.
  • Hope to be in network world of conjecture comity of find out the sincerity.
  • Comity, happy, I would all record forever in mind.
  • I line up, I civilization, I comity, I am happy!
  • I deliver the ball of the comity to you today.
  • Trustworthiness, let mind blemish, make the comity long to save, make the world fine!
  • Comity: an atmosphere of social harmony.
  • BE a comity here, peaceful beginning, is fair, fair sport competition of origins ground.
  • China is regarded as a comity, nevertheless, [sentencedict.com] too much proprieties will only add pressure to people.
  • The comity committee was especially about prescription drugs that combine acetaminophen with stronger painkillers.
  • Comity is such a kind of intense emotion of sanctity is thus sweet, firm and honest.
  • The trustworthiness is the essential condition of comity.
  • A comity committee found series serious problems in the current system.
  • The statement, sympathetic but faintly condescending, was suited to an era of comity already long past.
  • Having said all this, the court accepted the need to pay healthy respect to the principles of comity.

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