English Class – Rare English word to learn the noun of gloaming

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To other countries,

I may go as a tourist,

but to India,

I come as a pilgrim.

Martin Luther King, Jr

English Class

Rare English word to learn the noun Gloaming?

Do you know the history and correct usage of the rare English word “Gloaming”?

New English words to learn in this English class and lesson, What is Gloaming?

Gloaming is a noun and pronounces as “GLOH-ming”.

English Class – Gloaming Definition:

  • twilight
  • dusk

English Class – Gloaming Origin:

If gloaming makes you think of tartans and bagpipes, you’ve got a good ear and a good eye; we picked up
gloaming from the Scottish dialects of English back in the Middle Ages.

The roots of the word trace to the Old English word for “Twilight,” glom, which is akin to glowan, an Old English verb meaning “to glow.”

In the early 1800s, English speakers looked to Scotland again and borrowed the now-archaic verb gloam, meaning “to become dusk” or “to grow dark.”




English Class – Gloaming Examples:

  • The thin crescent moon provided a hint of light in the night’s sky in the gloaming
  • Swimming in the gloaming, the couple watched the sun fade into the distance.
  • They sat on a hillside in the gloaming, watching the lights come on in the houses below.
  • Shepherds was pelting through the gloaming their sheep and goats.
  • In the gloaming before sunrise they saw each other’s features as pale apparitions.
  • In the gloaming the Weem folk made their way home along the dark gorge of the road.
  • Another girl wiggles by in the Brooklyn gloaming.
  • Let it go back into the gloaming and gad with a lot of longing.
  • He did not hear the sound of heavy feet,Or in the gloaming see a spiked top hat.
  • Parkas worn over close-fitting body pieces leap from the gloaming in acid greens, violent oranges, purples and cardinal
  • The square tower of a church loomed through the gloaming.
  • Dawn comes and you see its path – the glistening leaf, the gloaming stem blackening garden vine.

I hope you are enjoying the English class.

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