112 Papaya English Idioms and English Expressions

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English Idioms and English Expressions



112 English Idioms and Expressions About Papaya


English Idioms and Expressions Papaya

English Idioms and Expressions – Papaya



What are the Health Benefits of Papaya?

In this learn English idioms and expressions through video section. We are going to show you the top 10 health benefits of Papaya.

In this popular youtube video by the well know youtube channel “Lazy Fitness Tips” has clearly referred to papayas as the fruit of the angels. The fruit which is extremely rich in Vitamin C has a wide range of health benefits making it a great fruit option to include in your diet. Here are some of the top 10 health benefits of papaya.

  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Good for diabetics
  • Great for your eyes
  • Protects against arthritis
  • Improves digestion
  • Helps ease menstrual pain
  • Prevents signs of aging
  • Prevents cancer


Thank you, “youtube\Lazy Fitness Tips”.


112 English Idioms and Expressions About Papaya


The only list you will need for all about Papaya English Idioms and expressions.

  • 1 Papaya is in that farmer’s garden that heap like a pyramid.
  • 2 Papayas were in that papaya trees before plucked the female workers.
  • 3 Papayas will be in this market tomorrow morning.


  • 4 This papaya has more seeds.
  • 5 that papaya had a shape in round and taste in sweet last year.
  • 6 that papaya will have a rich in taste after two days when it rips.


  • 7 The vender pares papayas every day.
  • 8 He pared small papayas yesterday.
  • 9 he will pare the papaya tomorrow when she comes to this market place.
  • 10 She is paring papaya just now.
  • 11 She was paring the papaya at this time day before yesterday when her friend came the home.
  • 12 She will be bringing papaya prices at this time tomorrow when he comes from office.
  • 13 She has brought papaya just now.
  • 14 She had drunken papaya juice by this time has gone the day.
  • 15 She will have sent papaya fruits to her friend by this time day after tomorrow.
  • 16 She has been paring papaya for 15 months since I come.
  • 17 She had been paring papaya for 35 months by this time the day before yesterday.
  • 18 She will have been plucking papayas for 3 hours at farmers garden by this time


  • 19 Papaya is pared by him every day
  • 20 Papaya was pared by him yesterday
  • 21 Papaya will be pared by him when comes to this place.
  • 22 Papayas are being transported by this transporter.
  • 23 Papayas were being plucked by them at this time yesterday.
  • 24 Papayas have been loaded by this gang after brings from papaya trees at farmers field.
  • 25 Papayas had been unloaded by these workers when the lorry came to the market.
  • 26 Papayas will have been distributed by them through the small truck to the vendors and hawkers.



  • 27 The vendor would pack this papaya when all these prepared papayas sell to the customers
  • 28 She may pare big papaya after all family members meet then she gives policies equally
  • 29 She might packed this papaya as and when it rips.
  • 30 She has to eat papaya as doctors advise.
  • 31 She should pare papaya when her daughter asks to eat it.
  • 32 She must pare raw papaya when she cooks papaya curry
  • 33 This vendor needs to pare papayas because selling papayas his livelihood
  • 34 The vendor ought to pare papaya when he comes to the market for showing to the customers.
  • 35 They have to send papaya to the market
  • 36 He will have to pare papaya before she prepares juice for distributing to all her friends.
  • 37 The farmer will pare papaya after his peasant plucks from the tree
  • 38 She shall pare papaya when her husband asks
  • 39 He can pare papaya as he is familiar with that work.
  • 40 The old man used to pare papaya when he went to his field when he was young.
  • 41 He had to pare papaya to eat because his spouse is gone to her friend’s house.
  • 42 She could cut pared papaya into pics when her mother asked.
  • 43 She would be preparing papaya juice when her daughter comes to the school.
  • 44 The vendor may be preparing papaya juice when the customer asks.
  • 45 They might be bringing papayas from farm fields before you come to the home.
  • 46 The farmer should be planting papaya plants since this day began
  • 47 He must be catching papayas when the loading commence
  • 48 He could be picking papaya when he completed other work
  • 49 He can be packing papaya after his peasant plucked from the tree
  • 50 She would have been paring papaya when his father bought.
  • 51 She must have been paring papaya when her mother gave
  • 52 If the farmer has said his peasant he would have pared this papaya
  • 53 If the peasant ha pared this papaya his farmer could have eaten it.
  • 54 This papaya had not over riped he should have pared it.
  • 55 Papaya would be at hawkers cycle when we go to the town.
  • 56 Papayas may be on the vendor’s cart in that street.
  • 57 Papaya might be in farmers field before it comes to the market.
  • 58 Papaya which shape in long should be at rich taste.
  • 59 Papaya needs to be in the refrigerator from protecting damage and giving a good taste
  • 60 Packed papayas ought to be on the hawker’s cycle top for attracting fruits lovers.
  • 61 Papaya must be in cartoon box covered with newspaper while carrying farmers field to the market.
  • 62 Packed papaya has to be in the plate when her daughter comes to eat it.
  • 63 Papayas have to be at a ventilating place without rotten.
  • 64 Papayas will have to be in his shop for preparing juice.
  • 65 Papayas can be at the last tree before we search at that field
  • 66 Papaya had to be in his house for giving a diabetic patient.
  • 67 Years ago, papaya used to be in that house.
  • 68 If his work had not plucked papaya it could be in that tree.
  • 69 Papaya would have a more vitamin if the farmer uses organics fertilizer.
  • 70 Papaya may have more proteins if it grows red soil lands and frequent watering.
  • 71 Papaya might have a more fiber contains.
  • 72 Papaya should have many healty nutritions.
  • 73 Papaya plants need to have a cooling temperature for better growing.
  • 74 Papaya ought to have antibodies which prevent from lung cancer
  • 75 Papaya must have a more resistance power which helps the human body from various cancers.
  • 76 Papaya has to have a less in taste when it has grown in a dry land.
  • 77 That riped papaya had to have the best enzyme which helped preservation on the human body over a long period.
  • 78 Papayas have to have milk which uses in medicine.
  • 79 Papaya will have to have a sweeter and taste as the plant grows fertile soil and uses neem based infestation.
  • 80 Papaya will have a best in shape size and taste
  • 81 Papaya can have a color in yellow
  • 82 If papaya has not over ripped papaya could have a much taste.
  • 83 Papaya used to have a smell and taste before the days.
  • 84 Let this papaya pare
  • 85 Take papaya to cut
  • 86 When were these papayas pared?
  • 87 Let this papaya be not pared by him
  • 88 This papaya was pared by him as distributed to the guests.
  • 89 This papaya is the smallest one from the hawker’s cycle.
  • 90 This papaya is one of the sweetest papayas out of this basket.
  • 91 Papayas are better those fruits.
  • 92 This is smaller than all other fruits.
  • 93 That papaya is not bigger than all other fruits.
  • 94 This papaya is as sweet as any other fruit.
  • 95 Papayas are yet to pare from this basket.
  • 96 Packed papayas are yet to sell these customers.
  • 97 If he pares papaya he can sell quickly.
  • 98 If he pares that papaya he may eat it.
  • 99 If he gives the papaya he will pare it.
  • 100 If the farmer chooses that papaya he would pare it.
  • 101 If he plucked that papaya he might pare it.
  • 102 If he takes papaya he could pare it.
  • 103 If he had chooses the papaya he would have pared it.
  • 104 If he had taken that papaya he could have pared it.
  • 105 If he had bought that papaya he should have pared it.
  • 106 He said “I picked this papaya”
  • 107 He said that he pared that papaya.
  • 108 He took a big papaya
  • 109 A papaya which he bought is big.
  • 110 He pared papaya and it is big.
  • 111 As he chooses papaya it is sweet.
  • 112 Take this packed papaya pics as much as you eat.

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