English Short Story by Raihana Enggar – The crying devil Part 3

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English Story by Raihana Enggar

The crying devil Part 3



The crying 😈 devil  (Part 3) 

I spent my time having fun, not thinking about others just doing what I wanted, what benefit to me. Drinking at the club sleeping with many sexy and hot girls. Taking money from my boss by corruption. And doing many bad things.I became a real devil, my friends were so afraid with me, after the death of Jonathan Smith.

Everything I was saying was commented by them. I didn’t realize that it was just a trap for me by the devil to choose a wrong path.

Years went by…..The time was coming for me….one day, I woke up with a bad feeling. When I realized that I screamed Oh my God… It can’t be true, how can I get it? Yeah, I had a horrible disease I don’t know what is the name of the disease but it’s made me weak.

Every day I just thought about it. My body became thin and looked so pale. I went to clinic, hospital, and doctors, but still couldn’t be cured. I had bankrupt because of this. Spent much money but only got nothing. The pretty face went like the wind. My friends, my lover which always accompany me were disappeared the same time I lose everything in my life. My position in the company, my fancy car, my huge house… Everything…..

The only left just sadness and pain.

The 😈 devil was crying now. Nothing left. Not even a few money now I look like a beggar asks money from anyone on the road …..

Oh my God, this was a paid back after all I have done. I sit on the bench and pray the last pray before I closed my eyes…

Thank you for reading my story, Raihana Enggar.

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