Heartwarming True Romantic Love Story of Ordinary Bangladesh by Abdul Khaled

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Abdul Khaleq

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Sometimes I can’t see myself when I’m with you.

I can only just see you.

Jodi L Anderson

My Lost Lover by Abdul Khaleq

I had a girlfriend a few years ago. Her name was Keya. She was not only beautiful but also kind.

Although once I liked a girl who was my friend’s sister, I didn’t propose her because of being friend’s sister. Actually, I had liked her before I knew her. By the way, She was my first choice. I knew If I propose her, one day my friend will know our relationship.

Anyway, If I knew before, I would not like her. What if I proposed her? my friend would mind. whatever, it happened to me by accident.

After that, Keya met me automatically and then we loved each other, we talked a lot over the phone. I was not able to understand her clearly what was inside her heart. There was only love inside her heart. There was nothing without love in her heart and all of the love was only for me.

I had not understood what love is before loving her, anyway, She was stolen from me at the beginning of the year in 2017. Her family arranged her marriage with a boy because I was unable to marry her at that time. actually, before arranging marriage, her mother talked to me over the phone. her mother requested to marry her but I didn’t dare to tell my family the news. I denied to marry her daughter, and then Keya’s mother phoned me many times because Keya Forced her to phone me. I was denying to marry again and again.




After that, Keya also phoned me many times. I listen to her voice while crying on phone. anyway, I had nothing to do at that time. Nowadays She comes to her father house with her husband. I don’t talk to her, although She sometimes phones me.

A few days ago, She phoned me and crying because I blocked her on Facebook. by the way, She said to me ” promise me that You would never love someone else after me. Actually, She didn’t want to allow me to love another girl. I didn’t know how to love Before but After getting her love, I know a little.

I denied to marry her in spite of loving. actually, Reality was playing the game Keya versus AK. I always remember the days when She told me ” You have to marry me otherwise kill me”.

I should have married her.. whatever I wanted to keep my promise but That was too much hard for me. before loving her I was lonely but after loving her I was living happily with her.

You don’t think that We were living together inside the room. we just talked over the phone. besides, we sometimes met on the road but not too much. She looked at me and smiled when We met.

Anyway, I pray for her that Allah will help her forever.

?May Allah bless her?


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