All are welcome to join our free (Become a confident english speaker club) facebook group .

Welcome to Become a confident English Speaker Club! We are helping non-native English learners become a more confident English speaker. Together, We are here to learn, to practice, to improve not only our English skill but also to become a confident and motivate the person in life!


Our group core values are “Fair, Share, Help, Teach and Grow”.

1. Fair – Give everyone a fair go to learn English with friends.
2. Share – your English knowledge by posting to our group.
3. Help – friends with their questions by answering or commenting on their questions and posts.
4. Teach – English in our small group discussion.
5. Grow – our group so we can help more friends by inviting your family, relatives, and friends to join us.


1. Daily facebook messenger group real-time speaking, reading and discussion activities
2. Daily Quiz
3. Daily Word of the day
4. English Quotes
5. Math quiz
6. Book reading
7. English learning tips
8. VIP native English speaker tutors and guests LIVE

The purpose of this group is to encourage you to teach English (speaking) to those who are seeking for it, It can be free or you can set a price. so if you are good at English then share your knowledge here through posting to help those who are trying to learn this language. Feel free to invite as many friends as you like. No matter where they live or how rich or poor they are. Together we can.


Members are prohibited to post and/or comment which contains :

1. Topics on any Religions and Politics.
2. Pornography
3. Race Discrimination
4. Advertisement ( except Educational Advertisement and must ask for Admin’s permission ).
5. Photos of the victims of violence, accidents, war etc. showing death and blood.
6. Abusive, profane and obscene words.
7. Bullying and/or laughing at someone’s mistake.

Ignoring those rules will make you lose your membership or be banned from the group permanently.

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