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A beautiful place to go,  Pampanga province, one of the most prosperous province in the Philippines serves up more fascinating facts and these aren’t just about language and food. Pampanga is located in central luzon region.Its capital is the city of San Fernando.

The name “,la Pampanga”was given by the Spaniards who found the early natives living near the river bank. Pamp is known for the title”the Culinary capital of the Philippines because of it’s best foods and cuisines.

If you re looking for beautiful places to go you can go to Mt.Pinatubo.For the adventurous souls,trekking to Mt.Pinatubo is a must experience adventure.The sand box-office place have avatar one,a roller coaster zipline with 180 meters long and 12 meter high.

if you’re looking for a nightlife activities , Angeles city is the perfect place.Here is where the bars, casinos,diff.clubs and some other places where you can enjoy the whole night.

PS: An Important English writing skills practice tip for you, practice makes perfect. thank you! 

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In times like these when the weather is so cold, I have to stay in my room to feel the warmth comfort of my pillows, it’s also during this season when I can do my favourite hobby which is reading.

As I was searching the groups and pages from different places, my attention was caught by Cleopatra’s love story (credit to:Enchanted by Egypt), and discovered some amazing facts about her. As for all I’ve known, I knew her very well but I was wrong,,,,

Here’s some unknown facts about Cleopatra- the last queen of Egypt.

  • Eighteen yrs.old was Cleopatra – when she started reigning, she spoke 7 languages fluently and was the only Ptolemaic ruler that learnt the demotic Egyptian language, to reach the heart of the people.
  • She was only 39 when she died taking her own life ??to join beloved Mark Anthony in the after life.???

What is Culture?

Culture is defined as the set of learned behaviours, beliefs, attitudes, values, and ideals that are characteristics of a particular society or population. Culture, as defined by Calhoun, et Al (1994) is the learned norms, values, knowledge, artefacts, language, and symbols that are constantly communicated among people who share a common way of life.

Allan Johnson (1996) said that culture is the sum total of symbols, ideas, forms of expressions, and material products associated with a system.It is a dynamic medium through which societies create a collective way of life reflected in such things as beliefs, values, music, literature, art, dance, science, religious ritual and technology.

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