List of Nine Common Synonyms in English Thesaurus starting with E

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ONE for NOT + (one or one+) (E)

Today I am going to share with you common and useful English words thesaurus. Nine common synonyms words starting with the letter E.

List of the most common nine synonyms in English thesaurus (Letter E) with Examples.

1) earthbound = not caring for the higher things of life

2) easy = not difficult/free from care or pain/ (comfortable)(Easy! Easy!=go slowly or gently/An easy going person=one who does not trouble himself or other people/ easy – chair=a large comfortable chair)

3) eclectic = not following one opinion(but choosing ideas here & there)

4) erratic = not regular in movement/((of behavior) – – – one can never tell what an erratic person will do next)

5) erroneous = not correct/(mistaken)

6) even =

(6.1) not rough, (eg. An even surface/ Even with the ground=level with/I’ll get even with him=will do as much harm to him as he has done to me)

(6.2) (regular), not changing,(Even – tempered=calm, not easily made angry)

(6.3) An even number= a number which can be divided by 2 //

(even = just at the moment, eg. Even as I spoke/I even gave him my own shoes – – – here (even) shows that one did more than might be expected/Even if=although)

7) expedient = not right but useful/(action) well fitted to a certain state of things, or wise at a certain time/(n. expendiency= thinking of what is useful or helpful, rather than of what is right)

8) extraneous = not belonging to the special group being studied, spoken of etc. / (foreign)

9) extravaganza = (a book, play, piece of music etc.)which does not follow common rules & is full of strange ideas

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