Phrasal verbs with look

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Hi, everyone. phrasal verb look up is one of the most common search phrasal verb on the internet. In my blog post, I am going to share with you the most common and popular phrasal verbs with Look, and one helpful phrasel verbs with look English class training video.

Woodward English has illustrate phrasall verbs with look up very well in this cartoon.

Phrasal verbs with look woodward english

Phrasal verbs with look – Thank you, Woodward English.

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Phrasal verbs with look

Phrasal verbs with look – look up is one of the most common search phrasal verb on the internet.

According to the Collins English Dictionary’s blog post “Phrsal verbs – Look up definition and meaning“. Phrasal verb look up defined as “If you look up a fact or a piece of information, you find it out by looking in something such as a reference book or a list. If you look someone up, you visit them after not having seen them for a long time. If a situation is looking up, it is improving.”

In my blog post, I am going to share with you the most common and popular search phrasal verbs with Look.

Phrasal verbs with look – Learn English Video

Firstly, Let me share with you one helpful learn English phrasal verbs with look video from the popular youtube channel “English Lessons with Adam – Learn English [engVid]”.

In this learn English phrasal verbs free English class video,  the well known English tutor Adam has explained clearly about “In this lesson, you will learn some common phrasal verbs using the verb LOOK. Do you often have to LOOK UP phrasal verbs and expressions? Do others LOOK DOWN on you when you don’t understand? After this lesson, things will start to LOOK UP. Then, when someone yells “LOOK OUT!”, you’ll know to be careful.”

Look up at these PHRASAL VERBS with look – Adam

Thank you, “youtube\English Lessons with Adam – Learn English [engVid]”.

Most common and useful phrasal verbs with look

? Phrasal verbs with Look up to (someone):
? to respect or admire someone.
? Ex: You should look up to your parents.

? Phrasal verbs with Look up:
? to search for information(usually in a book).
? Ex: I need to look that word up in the dictionary.

? Phrasal verbs with  Look through:
? to examine something usually quickly.
? Ex: You must look through the text to find the name of main character.

? Phrasal verbs with Look out:
? to be careful: to avoid imminent danger.
? Ex: Look out! The car is approaching.

? Phrasal verbs with Look into(something):
? to find out more about something in order to improve the situation; to investigate or examine.
? Ex: The police are looking into the murder

? Phrasal verbs with  Look after (someone or something):
? to take care of to make sure that someone is safe and well.
? Ex: I have to look after my brother while my parents are at work.

? Phrasal verbs with Look down on (someone):
? see something or someone as inferior.
? Ex:You should not look down on poor people.

? Phrasal verbs with Look ahead:
? to think about and plan for what might happen in the future.
? Ex:Looking ahead everybody should save money.

? Phrasal verbs with Look in on (someone):
? to make a short visit to someone while you are going somewhere else, especially if they are ill or need help.
? Ex: Jane decided to go to Jersey to look in on her father and see if he is feeling any better after the operation.

? Phrasal verbs with  Look for (someone or something):
? to search for something or someone, to try and find something or someone.
? Ex:The police are looking for the murderer everywhere in the city.

? Phrasal verbs with Look forward to (something):
? anticipate with pleasure
? Ex:I look forward to my summer holiday.
? Ex:I look forward to meeting you again.

? Phrasal verbs with Look (something) over:
? to examine something quickly, without paying much attention to detail.
? Ex:Do you have a few minutes to look these samples over?

? Phrasal verbs with Look back (on):
? remember usually with nostalgia.
? Ex:Looking back on the days when I was young makes me smile.

? Phrasal verbs with Look away:
? to turn your eyes away from someone or something that your were looking at
? Ex:The car accident was so horrible that I looked away not to see the dead driver.


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