Poem We are all on a crossroads

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Tess Siazon Tuliao Garlitos

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We all carry our own flags
We raise and wave them high
Could we in our hands carry
The ambitions of our youth unborn?

We are all on a crossroads

In the midst of our tired souls
As we face this chaotic world
Of youths rapt in drug addiction
Of robbery, killings and destruction of
our God’s given nature.

We are all on a crossroads

We experience pain as a sole conception
of what we wanted
Tears to express unbearable fury for the
On a view of disorders, violence and
Our only means for a crave for PEACE

We are all on a crossroads

Shall we all sleep in search for peace?
Of cries unheard?
Of ambitions of our youth unborn?
Of untold stories?
Of unheard sobs?

We are all on a crossroads.


By Tess Siazon Tuliao Garlito

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