Quote, Poetry, and Poem about life and struggle – Collection 1 by Muse Mage

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Muse Mage

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The question is: When?
The answer is: How?
What an odd result of words!

Muse Mage

Poetry and Poem about life and struggle – Collection 1

❁ The Maiden Voyage ❁


For the poor souls who are troubled most—

Life transpires when they are cut some slack, giving up the ghost—

Accepting their destiny with a smile, they would delay the occasion upon which they will endlessly boast—

Here, they may have and may have not had the chance to have a clink of their toast—

But, there, surely will they have it rightfully, unbeknownst to those who dis and roast—

There shall they have it in the name of Justice that we sensibly perceive and lexically post—

Yet, the wise is he who can well have the knowledge that the wassailer here is like a whale trapped on a coast—

…that they are being merely a passing guest and never a bona fide host—.


✩ The Embarkment for Return ✩


They might think that they are free, but they are just being enclosed near and tight—

However, out of Mercy of His all-Powerfulness, they will always whoop it up sufficiently, but not quite—

Conspired! Or being in cahoots! Insects do creep up on an ace in flight—

Opportunistically more and more, they covertly stage coups d’état to topple the opposed: An abyss at the highest height—

An Illuminati future therefor they would feistily visualize and dight—

Or, just forge a hullaballoo whereby flamboyantly against the precarious regents they could pick a fight—

Seeing the dark as the color of white—

…sappily, drinking from this earthly delight—

…in the fashion that would seem to them fine and right—

…before the candle of al-Noor of the majestic Hour is being set alight—

…that is nary a will could delay it, douse it, nor will it be interrupted by any might—

And so, those cited above on fear and writhed below the fright—

…it is their show – their very showy show, hither, confusing a winged-soul with a soulless kite—

…so that they could taste life’s pleasure in hand before tasting life’s pain in sight—

Those would be miserable of haste, who had preferred fire over the true light—

Unlike the ones who had acceptedly mired in this worldly pain, patiently awaiting their Time to stuffing their faces with the big bite—

Those are the ones who will have the last laugh when the refulgency upon their faces, of the intensity of faith, will rule overnight—.

—Indited by Muse Mage (The Third), Xanadu


“The authentic overking cannot be used as a pawn and cannot be seen. The genuine master does not show himself in public and upon others, he does not lean. The real leader is in no need of displaying his part to lay claim to something whereupon he is already unkeen.”




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