Popular English Poem About Love – Wake Up Beautiful

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Shafayet Ali Mithun (Bangadesh)

Shafayet Ali Mithun (Bangadesh)

Community Poetry Artist

  • Poetry Artist (Level 2)
  • Leadership strengths (Level 15)


My classic and contemporary love poems and stories to share with you,

I love to write poems and stories because poems and stories are a better way to express one’s feelings of love and passion than through reading and sharing a poem.

Thank you!

Shafayet Ali

Making lasting memories for my family


Wake Up, Beautiful
© Shafayet Ali

Wake up, beautiful.
Wake up from this tragedy.

Return to reality.

I know you’re broken,
Nothing left to break.

Sleep is not the answer.
You need to be alive,

Be awake.
You’re not just a shell,

You are not dead inside.
Just wake up, beautiful.

Look at the world,
Be alive.

Ignore the demons
Who try to pull you below.

You can stand strong
Even though you are alone.

Wake up, beautiful.
Be strong,

Pull through.
You are not shattered,

Or defeated .

No one can take your place, dear.
Only you can be you.

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