Rare English word to learn the adjective of Myopic

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Do you know the history and correct usage of the rare English word “Myopic”?

New English words to learn, What is Myopic?

Myopic is an adjective and pronounces as “mye-OH-pik”.


  • affected by myopia : of, relating to, or exhibiting myopia : nearsighted
  •  lacking in foresight or discernment : narrow in perspective and without concern for broader implications

Myopic Origin:

Myopia is a condition in which visual images come to a focus in front of the retina of the eye, resulting in defective vision of distant objects.

Those with myopia can be referred to as “myopic” (or, less formally, “nearsighted”).

Myopic has extended meanings, too. Someone myopic might have trouble seeing things from a different perspective or considering the future consequences before acting.

Myopic and myopia have a lesser-known relative, myope, meaning “a myopic person.” All of these words ultimately derive from the Greek myops, which comes from myein (meaning “to be closed”) and ops (meaning “eye, face”).


Myopic Examples:

  • The Government still has a myopic attitude to spending. Their myopic refusal to act now will undoubtedly cause problems in the future.
  • In sum, a myopic gold standard could make us more vulnerable to, not safer from, market fluctuations.
  • Now the whole country is run by a myopic bourgeoisie with a mentality that does not care for the people.
  • I mean the man woke from a myopic, car-phone-induced haze.
  • If you can imagine a benevolent and myopic stork in goggles and woolly hat, then you’ve just about got the picture.
  • Thick lenses restrict a myopic patient’s field of view.
  • Most myopic children can be fitted with glasses with concave lenses which will bring their vision to normal.
  • Employees have suffered for management’s myopic concentration on short-term goals.
  • On the other hand, some companies adopt a myopic view that limits development to formal education and training.
  • Such findings would support the suggestion that a myopic mammal would be at a natural disadvantage.
  • Severely myopic subjects may have a greyish crescent surrounding the temporal part of the disc.
  • My eye myopic! How to raise eyesight, protect an eye?
  • Does child astigmatism add myopic need to wear an eye?

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