Severance A Suspense and Mystery Indian Story By Kamal


Severance A Suspense and Mystery Indian Story By Kamal By: Kamal Kishore Sharma



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Severance A Suspense and Mystery Indian Story By Kamal

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Kamal Kishore Sharma

Community Contributor (India)

Severance A Suspense and Mystery Indian Story By Kamal Kamal Kishore Sharma is a highly qualified, experienced and respected English Lecturer from India. Mr Sharma loves to share his knowledge with others..

Severance A Suspense and Mystery Indian Story By Kamal Bsc, M.A, LLB, ARMS English Language and Literature and Topics of General Awareness

Severance A Suspense and Mystery Indian Story By Kamal

 Severance A Suspense and Mystery Indian Story By Kamal



Severance A Suspense and Mystery Indian Story By Kamal Authorship – 19

Severance A Suspense and Mystery Indian Story By Kamal Community Contributor


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Severance A Suspense and Mystery Indian Story By Kamal


Severance A Suspense and Mystery Indian Story By Kamal

Severance A Suspense and Mystery Indian Story | Kamal Kishore Sharma


Friends, Read this short English story, “Severance A Suspense and Mystery Indian Story ” a suspense is there, Kamal.


Severance A Suspense and Mystery Indian Story By Kamal


Raman went daily in morning to the stall of newspapers and books where he helped some hawkers and men to unload the newspapers from the jeeps, vans or cars at bus stand of Dongargarh. Bundles of English and Hindi newspapers scattered on the ground before the stall of Mishra who was owner of the shop and distributor of the newspapers ,magazines and books or journals. Raman began to short out Englis and Hindi newspapers then he counted newspapers say as The Times of India Hitavada , Indian express, Patrika, Bhasker, Naidunia etc and kept them in heaps of ten ,twenty, thirty and fifty copies. Rammu Mishra then called the hawkers to collect hindi and English newspapers packets or heaps to distribute them in colonies door to door. Rammu Mishra employed ten boys as hawkers who distributed or delivered the papers , journals magazines to the customers in city. They were provided cycles by Mishaji and they went to distribute the stuff on cycles. they made the rolls of the papers and threw in the compounds of houses generally. Hawkers also collected money from the customers and issued printed bills or ink impressed of rubber stamp of stall where amount of subscription written days occurred there in a month.Hence bills issued were days wise supply of the newspapers because a month counts 28,30,or 31 days.they supplied Hindi magazines to the customers door to door calling them or ringing the bells then handed over magazines or journals say as Sarita, Kadambini or Indiia Today etc. Punctually Raman also proceeded to distribute the newspapers or magazines on cycle and he liked cycle riding thus he worked daily for six hours service in unloadind the newspaper parcels from the cars , shorting them in heaps and distributing to hawkers then he rode on the cycle for delivering the newspapers to the customers and returned to the stall or shop at bus stand round about twelve o” clock . What he earned wages daily not more than hundred rupees. It looked that he earned pittance only but he was happy and found contentment in living simple life and hard work he felt compassion for the other boys or hawkers who were paid fifty rupees daily wages. as they worked for two or three hours daily in supplying newspapers and magazines door to door in colonies.



Severance A Suspense and Mystery Indian Story By Kamal

Severance A Suspense and Mystery Indian Story | Kamal Kishore Sharma


Raman lived along with his elder brother Sohan and he accommodated in a small apartment of three rooms with his brother , Bhabhiji or his brother”s wife and two children one boy and a girl who were his nephew and niece. Sohan ran a small motel in a tent or makeshift outside of his house where he arranged five chairs,a bench and two tables . He kept three canns of drinking water on a bench with five glasses.He employed a boy to serve the snacks and sweetmeats to customers. supplier or boy means waiter kept two bottles of water on each table also for drinking purpose. Sohan opened his hotel or motel in the makeshift daily in morning round about six o ‘ clock. He was a good cook or chef of snacks say as Aloopoha, Jalebi,Aloogunda , Samosha and Bhajia. His Kachori a spicy snack stuffed with roasted gram flour and spices and a little bit sour dried mango power liked most and people devoured snacks with chutney or sausage of tomatoes, mint and green chilli. Sohan prepare sausage of curd or curry and sausage of tamarind. People gathered there in morning to taste aloopoha and Jalebi .His Kachori was famous for signature dish where he stuffed Kachori with boiled potato cubes , sweet tamarind sausage , boiled chickpeas rice puffs tomato pieces and fried gram flakes or SEV and named it as Sohan Kachori what in Uttar pradesh , Delhi , rajasthan and other parts of India that stuff or recipe called Raj Kachori. A plate of Sohan kachori was sold at rupees fifty.Sohan was a good cook so he also sold lunch packets to the needy persons or customers on demand. That lunch pack or plate included four Rotis or Indian cakes , steam rice , boiled or cooked pigeon peas Toordal or lentils and vegetables of potatoes and pot herbs , salad and Papad at rupees forty only whhere water was supplied free of cost. He was esteem motel owner called Sohan Maharaj.

One day Raman was going to Bus Stand in morning as he was strolling in the park in morning times for ten minutes inhaling fresh air and fragrance of orchard of Roses ,Jasmine and Hibiscus plants and Guava trees that he did daily jogging on the tracks or paths in the garden .He was going then to the Bus stand as he walked on the left track of the road a black cat crossed the road before him. It was a jinx or sign of bad omen or bad luck as it was stated in Hindu myth so it was ominous to proceed ahead for a specified task because ther was indication of commence of any dire consequence or danger or bad incident etc. After sorting , unloading and making piles or heaps of newspapers Raman distributed to all co-workers or hawkers then he put the load or bundles of newspapers on the handle ,carrier and in bags he rode on the cycle and proceeded to distribute the newspapers door to door in a colony. He rolled a newspaper and threw it towards the courtyard of a building but it fell on the street he got down the cycle and opened the gate and pushed the bell then a girl came out and he handed over her India Today journal The times of India newspaper and went away. all the vendors or hawkers boys returned to the Book Stall round about eleven o” clock delivering the newspapers and magazines in their areas or wards, patches or blocks of various residential colonies of the city. As Raman returned to the shop a man was waiting for him. Rammu Mishra said,”Raman this fellow is engineer and he made some complaints about irregular deliveries of the newspaper etc” that engineer asked Raman – he handed over her daughter India Today journal and TOI but her daughter lost her golden chain in the orchard or near gate whether he saw that gold-chain or picked up by mistake then he would return it to him. He was not going to complaint to police. Raman came to know that the jinx or the bad omen started as the black cat crossed his way on road in morning as per Hindu Myth it is ominous and in auspicious that indicates any dire consequence , danger, accident or infamy rather this belief is recognized in the society at large. People do a practice that they wait on the way till any stranger or unknown person pass by the spot of crossing the way by black cat to change or evade the bad omen. Raman responded that he did not know the golden chain he simply handed over the newspaper and magazine to the girl. Raman returned to his home and he was assisting his brother Sohan in preparation of snacks and food. After a hour a constable came to the motel of Sohan Maharaj and asked Sohan who was Raman he was summoned by the Sub Inspector for inquiry at police station. A complaint lodged against him about theft of golden chain by engineer Joshi. Sohan and Raman both were terrified and Raman said the constable, ” I am not a thief and did not pick up the golden chain or grab from the girl.” Constable said, ” it is primary investigation but not arrest or cognizance of the matter.” Ramman went along with the constable to the police station. sub Inspector and a senior constable started investigation with Raman in a special room to record the statement. Raman started , ” I am a poor man but earn breads honestly where i toil the work of helper to the distributor and agent of newspaper. I earn money just like pittance or hand to mouth. It is holy city of Goddess Bamleshvari and it is mercy and blessings of the Goddess that me and my brother Sohan are doing well to do run expenditure of our family we endeavor since morning to night to earn livelihoods where I am helper to the agent Rammu Mishra in book stall and a helping hand to my brother Sohan in the profession of hotel as cook and attendant . I don’t know about the golden chain – the girl might misplace it in house or drop in the orchard . It was a chance that I went there to deliver India today journal The Times of India newspaper and her golden chain did not stick on my shirt or apparel. All of a sudden a message received by the police on phone whereas the constable was recording or writing the statement of Raman on paper who was a scribe and his handwriting was fine. another constable entered in the investigation room and said, ” Sir, leave him he is innocent . Engineer Joshi delivered a message on phone that chain was pinned in the scarf and was traced by the mother of girl who was searching the chain in the court yard , orchard and house and ultimately found in the bathroom as she was going to take shower and saw the glittering chain in the moistened scarf.” Raman was weepy and said, ” it is blessing of the Goddess Bamleshvari that golden chain was found. Sir, I am not a thief.” Raman was released . Next day Raman came out early in the morning to go the book stall. He unloaded the bundles of newspapers and sorted them in piles to hand over the fellow hawkers and finished the work. All the boys set out or departed on the cycles to deliver the newspapers in city. Rammu Mishra asked raman not to go to deliver the newspapers today and particularly that area or block means street where engineer Joshi resided. Now you earned bad name and you are notorious so no more service is needed you are fired , you are terminated , here you take the wages annd Rupees one thousand as a tip or reward from engineer Joshi too. I don’t know , why Joshi did not want your service as a hawker ? Perhaps you are eve teaser or you are shop lifter . Even Sub Inspector warned me not to employ you in the stall as helper. Let me know , whether you snatched the golden chain then left suddenly when pinned in the scarf and the girl shouted and shrieked and fled leaving the journal and newspaper . Raman was weeping and explained , no, no I saw a snake was crawling behind the girl so I frightened shrieked and pulled the girl in my arms shouting snake , snake and dragged her too some steps away and she turned back and saw the snake so she shrieked also and embraced me and gasped. But after a minute she came to know that there was not snake but five black baby rats were following a mother rat holding the tails in a string or row. I said truth not lies , trust me and not terminate my service please. Rammu Mishra was angry and said, ” you are loafer and shoplifter people commented and hawker boys disliked you so take your wages and get out you are a liar.”


Severance A Suspense and Mystery Indian Story By Kamal

Severance A Suspense and Mystery Indian Story | Kamal Kishore Sharma


Raman cried, no, no I am not a loafer and shoplifter I will not quit I am honest man I don’t want reward of rupees one thousand or tip what Joshi had gifted you money. Rammu hurled some rupees and coins at the face of Raman and shouted go away take this money or disgorge.

Raman returned home and told story his brother Sohan that he was terminated from his job and this dismissal caused a great loss and dismay on my career in private service. I am emblem or icon of bad name in this city. Sohan said, ” rather you work with me in the motel. ” Pilgrims visit frequently through out the year Holy shrine of Goddess Bamleshvari on mountain and our business is running well where I need a helper for purchasing raw stuff . cooking and petty services of household and motel.” Raman nodded in affirmation as he knew tons of pilgrims arrived at Dongargarh in groups so there was rush and crowed customers demanded snacks and food in motel and sometimes mammoth rallies or companies of pilgrims descended from the trains there so business of eatery and motel was flourishing. Raman was a zealot man and a good assistant to his brother Sohan mercurial personality of cook, attendant and sales or purchase manager etc. Bad omen and misfortune never send you notices of arrival hence bad man is better than bad name. Bad name is echoed by the devil in air through mouth pieces of people in chain and it is striking habit of men to enjoy tales of misadventure , indecency and infamy in clandestine and comfort zones pointing fingers at the bad guy. They make the spicy cocktail stories to kill the time and propagate sensation ; prevention and guideline to protect themselves in public. Raman”s story of termination from job and eve teasing propagated like wild fire by the hawker boys of newspapers in the city. How Raman was fired and they saved their jobs. People time to time queried about the bad story of Raman and eve teasing they commented that engineer Joshi was a gentle man that he withdrew the case or complaint from police albeit Raman would be convicted and sent to jail. Arrogant Raman said, ” Behind bar , to send me behind bar is not the child”s play there should be some evidences. No witness and evidence found during investigation so I was released by the police whereas malicious case or false complaint was lodged with police. Eve teasing and theft are serious offences and cognisable where police may arrest a malefactor without warrant and Joshi was not liberal and no laxity done thereto.” Dailly his fellow hawkers annoyed him and indulged in gossip of sexual assault in exaggeration. Sohan was in tolerant regarding bad name and eve teasing stories so he said Raman , ” leave this city and migrate or search job to another city at least for a year till the people will forget your bad name and stories then after two or three years you might come here in home. Now exile is unavoidable order or solution of the problem. You may go to any relative out of the city as a refugee and ask for refuge or shelter or you may proceed to reside at Rajnandgaon where your maternal aunt resides . But today you pack your luggage and go.”

Raman composed a hypothetical story that his brother Sohan was not doing well in business of hotel and Bhabhiji or brother”s wife time to time reprimanded him and taunted him time to time that he is out of work and a parasite or dependent on his brother ; such fictitious story he narrated to his aunt at Rajnandgaon and requested for shelter and job. His maternal aunt thought that he was expelled from his family so she gave shelter to Raman and said, ” you are not estranged and pariah what your brother and his wife out caste you or ousted from the family. You may reside here as a family member and your cousins will search job for you.”

Raman was employed as Timekeeper or supervisor in a construction company rather he was employed under a contractor who constructs private buildings and took contracts of the public works also . Raman daily went to office about ten o” clock and he was allotted certain tasks say as purchasing raw materials for building construction or supervise a site of construction where masons, labors and sub engineer worked together. He was provided a bike to visit the site and various tasks he did as per instructions , training and briefings. He also went to banks for payments. He was a good worker and developed skills of assistant excellence. After six months his brother Sohan came to visit him and said his maternal aunt that Raman was earning five thousand rupees a month and get some tips also and he was thirty years of age so this was a suitable age to marry a girl and start his own family life. His maternal aunt said sohan, ” Is there any match for him ? or any one approached to you seeking his relation.”

Sohan said, ” Shambhu Maharaj a resident of Nagpur came to Dongargarh to visit the holy shrine of Goddess Bamleshvari and by chance he came to my motel for lunch and he conversed about his family affairs that he also ran a motel on cart of snacks and he was looking a suitable match for his daughter Nisha who was 25 years of age and well versed and proficient in cooking and household works.” I referred my brother Raman and he was agree with me to visit and interview Raman for marriage. He came with me so call Raman from his office so Shambhu Maharaj would take interview of Raman. Raman was called on and Shambhu Maharaj showed photo of Nisha to Raman”s aunt and Sohan and other members present there and talked about fifteen minutes then he was agree to marry her daughter with Raman . Shambhu Maharaj accompanied with his wife there and commented that Raman would reside in this big house like mansion after marriage as was employed at Rajnandgaon. They all were agree on the marriage proposal of Raman and Nisha. Then they talked about marriage ceremonies , customs and budget and they fixed the date of marriage after three months.

After three months marriage ceremonies performed with joy and gaiety. Nisha was very shy girl and interested in cooking and passed time in watching TV programmes or shows. raman”s cousin brother Jai attracted towards Nisha who was a small business man of consumer goods or commodities say as Jaggery, oil and cereals. Jai cared for Nisha and remained ready on her services whatever requests she put before him say as she wanted to eat Rasogulla or sweetmeat or she wanted to watch a movie in cinema. She liked to go on picnics too. Sometimes Raman also accompanied with Nisha and Jai on a short trip or picnic or devouring cuisines at dinner of restaurant or hotel. Nisha requested Raman also to bring gifts say as cosmetics and sresses or garments. As Raman was residing at aunt”s house so it was his obligation or duty to invest money for meals and daily needs items or commodities say as milk , vegetables and grocery so he gave his aunt only three thousand rupees a month because he earned only Rupees five thousand a month towards wages. If he lived in separate apartment than he would pay rent about Rupees three thousand and it would be troublesome and tight hand life to face the inflation or price hike whereas Nisha demanded daily new articles or things that she liked and her life style was lavish . Raman took a resolution that whatever the demands or requests of Nisha as he heard he would transfer the load of expenditure towards Jai. As Jai was earning Rupees fifty thousand a month in his trade of commodities and mortgage . So Raman was passing each demand or request of Nisha on Jai and he was liberal then also that he permitted them to wander together for shopping or picnic or gourmet. thus he unloaded the burden of lavish life style.

One day a friend came to meet Raman from Dongargarh and told him that daughter of Joshi married to an engineer and gone away perhaps Bombay. Nisha eavesdropped the conversation behind the curtain and came to know that Raman was exiled from his house where he was suspect of theft and eve teasing at Dongargarh . Nisha looked innocent but she was a coquette and shopaholic and wanted petty gifts time to time say as shoes , cosmetics, bags and dresses. She told Raman her story in night that she was also a victim of bad name and infamy some boys attracted towards her and became friends and they gifted her various articles, artifacts or commodities on occasions of festivals and Valentine Day and brought beautiful greeting cards and wanted to date her even they requested her to watch movie in theater or dance at disco club or five star hotel at Nagpur. It was such tremendous situation and panic that I gave consent to marry you when people in society were commenting a lot and refuting my father that he was not looking a suitable match for marriage and my character was weak or loose I wandered with some boys and indulged in merry making. they commented that I was flirtatious , seductive, playful, men teasing, frisky and so on.


Severance A Suspense and Mystery Indian Story By Kamal

Severance A Suspense and Mystery Indian Story | Kamal Kishore Sharma


Next day a man knocked at the door and shouted Nisha , Jai heard the call he came out from the drawing hall and said to nisha that a man was calling her perhaps he came from Nagpur . Nisha went to the door that man said, O! Nisha you are here and hugged her and kissed. Nisha said, ‘come Surjeet my brother — who gave you my address ” Surjeet entered the drawing hall and told Nisha that it was her younger sister Kumud told your story of marriage and where about. They chatted for half an hour and Surjeet presented her a diamond ring not real but American diamond. Nisha toid him she lived here with her husband , aunt in law and four cousin brothers and a sister in joint family. Sudden aunt entered in the drawing hall and interrogated Surjeet , ” why he was presenting this precious gift of diamond ring and who was he ?” She resented that she did not like any strange visitor or boy friend of Nisha because you are not her real brother and she is married to Raman and she is daughter in law. she reprimanded Nisha and Surjeet . Surjeet felt affront because Jai abused him you scoundrel you are not brother of Nisha — keep your gift with you and get out , never come here to meet her. Surjeet stared at Jai and abused filthy slang your sister …. Jai caught his collar and they scuffled and aunt threw the ring on the road and slapped Surjeet and shouted get out. Nisha cried, ” go brother surjeet, leave me.” Surjeet went away.

Nisha requested her aunt in law and Jai not to tell this story of Surjeet and my anecdote whatever the presents or gifts he gave me previously in Nagpur . There was a precedent that he stole money from the wallet of his father to buy me a beautiful dress. He is frenetic may be maniac . Jai said, okay. In night , Jai and Nisha went to Baba Barfani temple and Jai got a chance to know more information about Surjeet Nisha confessed that Surjeet was her lover so he dared to hug her she told in vibe being sentimental she forgot the consequences and sudden she gazed at Jai and said, ” not tell your brother that Surjeet is my lover.” Jai got the opportunity to flirt , yes i do, I am your own confidant you may tell some other stories of your aficionadofriends and consider me also your fast friend and he embraced her and kissed on cheeks and neck.” Nisha surprised but she was happy to get a bosom friend Jai as she also loved but could not express she saw a fire of lust in his eyes. Jai was a suitable lover and friend that people would not make stories and comment them because they thought them as relatives just like brother and sister.

Nisha was nymphomaniac whenever she got chances to flirt and romance she called jai and kissed or embraced him topless and semi nude as per situation. They played erotic games in bathroom , toilet in house and they enjoyed all sensuous feelings licking, kissing etc in cinema hall watching movie or in garden or park behind shrub ,bush or in river bank etc. Jai fulfilled various desires of Nisha. They daily went in night either hotel, temple or park. One day they saw that some couples were enjoying sex in river bank and several couples were involved in sexual activities in park behind bush. Jai and Nisha got opportunity and they enjoyed sex there. they visited frequently the lover”s point near river bank or park or any solitary place to enjoy sex. Raman could not suspect on their activities he thought that Jai was beneficial to him that he afforded all th expenditures of useless gifts and didn’t mind as he was extravagant or spendthrift. He was happy with his cousin brother Jai who was prodigal.

One day Nisha called Jai with gestures near bathroom where she was topless and Jai went there and hugged her and he was licking and kissing her then maternal grandma of Jai heard some muttering voice and moaning she called Nisha but Jai came out of the bathroom and grandma smelt a rat. She did not comment and had an eye on their activities. Next day, Nisha repeated the same activities as she called Jai in bathroom with gestures and Jai entered in the bathroom she closed the door pushing the latch in the hole and called her daughter or mother of Jai. Jai”s mother arrived there and said, ” what happened?'” Grandma responded , ” see the Raslila ,just open the door.” [see sexual activities of Jai and Nisha]. she opened the door and saw Jai and Nisha in the bathroom where Nisha was semi nude and in comfortable position with Jai. She reprimanded or tongue lashed them. They bent down or knelt down and for apology . Jai and nisha both said, ” forgive us mother we will never do such fault.” Afterwards grandma and mother of jai discussed about the illicit relation of Jai and Nisha from the family.

In evening aunt of Raman called him and grandma shouted Nisha , where are you? Come here. Grandma was anguish and arrogant she said to Raman, ” you shift to any other apartment or house on rent and carry your voluptuous wife with you, she is a flirt and several times she broke hearts of her friends. No explanation needed further .” Oh ! you knew about her loose character . She is a harlot , said Raman. After a pause , Raman added , ” Surjeet came here then he arrived my office and told me about her loose character and affront or insult that he faced in this house , he told about his illicit relationship with Nisha and the confrontation between Jai and him that they scuffled.”


Severance A Suspense and Mystery Indian Story By Kamal

Severance A Suspense and Mystery Indian Story | Kamal Kishore Sharma


Raman said further, that he wanted divorce from Nisha. Aunt interrupted him and said, ” you may go to Nagpur and where both you may live in harmony and peace whatever the decision of your marriage life you have to take in Nagpur but not here.

Ranan came to know that Nisha was flirting Jai and she was in illicit relationship with Jai as grandma narrated to Raman that voluptuous Nisha was indulged in sexual activities and teasing Jai she was making Jai a badman and mean man rascal. So he would leave Rajnandgaon and migrate to another city. She made a plan to marry Jai, divorcing Raman and Jai is Maniac , mesmerised and captive of Nisha. Jai told grandma thah he wanted to marry Nisha but Nisha had to seek divorce first from Raman. She was pegnant and conceived pregnancy by two months. What grandma tweeted Raman listened and he made a plan to divorce Nisha in Nagpur with a legal design where he would not pay her alimony and expenditure of marriage.

He packed herluggage and left for Nagpur with Nisha. Jai wept a lot but was not in position to stop departure and separation of Nisha. He secretly met nisha before departure and embraced her , Nisha also kissed her and said, ” she was leaving here some articles and jewelry that he would bring to her in Nagpur after one month.”

Shambhu Maharaj was surprised to see Nisha and raman in nagpur . Raman told him a fictitious story – – he was terminated from the job due to stealing cement bags and usage of sub quality raw materials in construction of a building where a roof of the flat collapsed and two labors injured seriously and sustained multiple fractures and they were disabled . An inquiry was set there under a magistrate . I submitted my statement and magistrate suspended licences of firm and engineer. so i am out of work. Nisha also wanted to visit you and she desired to live in Nagpur where I might seek any job or I would join you as helper in the business of Gupchup and Khomcha [ fried snacks with sausage]. ” if you support me then I may start my new business of Gupchup Khomcha or a motel on cart near any cinema.” Listening story of Raman, shambhu Maharaj exhaled heavily and caught his head with palms and exclaimed, Hey Bhagwan , Hey Ram [ Hey God, Hey Ram!] and was flummoxed.

Raman helped shambhu maharaj to prepare Gupchup, chickpea, Dahibada etc. He also served thete spicy snacks with sausages of tamarind and curd. after one week , shambhu maharaj asked Raman to open a separate stall or motel on cart near a cinema . Raman worked like an ox where he prepared various spicy snacks till noon and went to cinema carrying a cart where he arranged and decorated all the eatables on plates and a bench and a drinking water can etc. His daily sale or collection was round about Rupees two thousand and he was happy there. He was serving Gupchup and Dahibada to some customers all of sudden Surjeet came there and said, ” Raman what is the rate of Pulao and Dahibada per plate, then he ordered to pack five plates Pulao and dahibada and Raman a note of five hundred rupees .” He asked Raman to hand over the parcel of eatables to a boy . when he went on scooter that boy said to Raman, ” if you wont mind I have to tell you something.” Raman gave him permission, that boy asked Raman, what is the rate of Nisha for a night? It is not me Surjeet said to me to ask you. Yesterday he went with Nisha in Seminary Garden and gifted her the American Diamond Ring . raman lost temper and bewildered he abused him. Boy said, “pardon me , Surjeet gave me money anhd you may see some pictures Surjeet and Nisha in this mobile. ” Raman saw some pictures in awkward positions rather comfortable positions of Nisha with Jai and surjeet and some other guys . His face was red in anger , that boy told that Surjeet had sent you all photos in mobile , you may see it or messages, he asked your number and Nisha told him . ” Nisha does not like you and wants to divorce from you.

Raman confronted Nisha in night before her family members and produced the photos in the mobile phone. Nisha said, ” I don”t like you and want divorce.” Raman lifted a knife from the tray of vegetables and shouted , ” hotty bitch , harlot I will kill you.” Shambhu Maharaj and other family members caught hold of hand of Raman and made him drop knife. Nisha and her mother slapped Raman and shouted , ” get out and never come back or we will call police on the charge of attempt to murder.” Mahesh had shot a video . Raman turned around and saw , Mahesh was having mobile phone and was still recording video. So, Raman did not utter a single word he ran away and caught a rickshaw to go station.

End of Severance A Suspense and Mystery Indian Story By Kamal


Thank you for reading my short suspense and mystery Indan story. Severance!

Thank you,

Kamal Kishore Sharma

Behind Hotel Midtown Sneh Nagar ward Number 27 Balaghat[ MP] India 481001 9424614441 8966088853

Date: Thursday May 23 , 2019


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