Short Stories Crying Devil Girl – 7 by Raihanna Enggar

by Mar 6, 2019Short Fiction Stories

English Short Stories Crying Devil Girl 7


“Short Stories Crying Devil Girl 7” is one of my series of short English stories about mischief stories of how attractive young girls who are capable of manipulating men into getting there way. This is their stories. Enjoy reading. 


Short Stories Crying Devil Girl 7

Short Stories Crying Devil Girl – 7

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Raihanna Enggar


Raihanna Enggar

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Short Stories Crying Devil Girl 7

The police are still investigating the case of death. They were both killed without any weapon.

The last body was identified as Richard, he is Jack Murphy’s son.

The guy who asked Amira to dance, he left Maria’s party with anger because Amira refused him.

He and Marcel have the same cause of die. They were lack of oxygen.

I collected all the information about them and it surprised me both have the same thing in common.

  • They studied at Havana University.
  • They were male.
  • They were the handsome, rich and famous men at the campus.

The last thing was they both loved one person and it was Amira the most beautiful girl in Havana University.

I tried to contact her after the conclusion. But it’s so hard because there was an examination for us.

Till tonight I never forget it for the rest of my life.

Time around at 8.00 pm. When I was walking to returned home.

Tonight there was no 🌟 star I thought it would rain. So I walked so fast.

When I was walking near the park on my campus. I saw a couple figures by two lovers in the park.

The man and the woman were so close. The man hugs the girl so close. Then tried to kiss her, but suddenly the view became a horror scene.

There were sounds “crack” like the sound heard. And this man body fell down.I was shocked when I realized who was the girl. And it was Amira. She looked at me with her dark bloody eyes.

My body was frozen. I dazzled with the scary feeling inside….

She really looked like an angry 😈  devil than a beautiful 👼 Angel.

Story by: Raihana Enggar ❤

The End of part 7  of my story “Short Stories Crying Devil Girl 7”.

Thank you for reading the “Short Stories Crying Devil Girl “.  I hope you found my stories are enjoyable.

Thank you, Raihana Enggar.


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