Simple Tips to Learn English Quickly and Easily

by Dec 17, 2018English and Study Tips

English Man Ameggaz

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Useful English learning tips for beginners

Today I am going to share with you common and useful English Learning Tips for Beginners. They are all my own experience.

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English Man Ameggaz

 Simple Tips to Learn English Quickly and Easily

Writing – For the English written expression, you can chat in the chat, participate in the groups.


Reading – For improve reading comprehension, read articles, read books.


Listening – For listening, you have to watch videos.


Speaking – For speaking and pronunciation, you have to practice and practice your vocal cords by talking with friends in French of course here on the messenger for example even taking dialogues and deemed these roles.

These are my own simple but learning tips for English writing, speaking an listening Fluency.

Good luck with your English Learning Journey!





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