65 Single And General Words for Many Kinds of People (H) Vocabulary Builder

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Single And General Words for Many Kinds of People H Ashin Damika is a kind, caring and talented teacher from Myanmar. Ashin loves to share his knowledge with others. He also teaches at local monastery.

Single And General Words for Many Kinds of People H BA : Law and literature

Single And General Words for Many Kinds of People H Teacher at Monastery

 Single And General Words for Many Kinds of People H

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A man is not called wise because he talks and talks again; but if he is peaceful, loving and fearless then he is in truth called wise.

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Single And General Words for Many Kinds of People H


65 Single And General Words for Many Kinds of People (H) | Vocabulary Builder


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65 Single And General Words for Many Kinds of People (H) | Vocabulary Builder

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  • 1.One who sells thread,pins,needles,small ornament for clothes, hats,etc.=*haberdasher 
  • 2.An ugly old woman=*hag 
  • 3.One who cuts and curls hair=*hairdresser 
  • 4.Mohammedan doctor=*hakeem,hakim; (a Mohammedan judge or ruler) 
  • 5.(My) wife=*(my better) half; (half=one of the two equal parts of a thing/To do a thing by halves =to do it badly or incompletely) 
  • 6.(Relations) having the same mother but a different father (or same father but a different mother)=*half-blood (relation) 
  • 7.A person whose parents are of different races, (eg.of a white and a coloured race)= half-breed, half-caste 
  • 8.An experienced person=*(an old) hand; (hand =the end of the arm which has the power of seizing/the pointer of a clock/a worker) 
  • 9.A female servant=*handmaid 
  • 10.A man who can do any sort of work with his hands=*handy-man; (a man who does small repairs and other work in the house) 
  • 11.One who depends on another=*hanger-on; (who joins himself to another person in hope of gain) 
  • 12.The man who kills law-breakers by hanging them=*hangman; (hang=to support from some point above/to fix one end leaving the other end free to swing/to kill a law-breaker of a rope round his neck) 
  • 13.One who forces those under him to work too much=*(a)hard master; (hard=difficult/not soft/ unkind,cruel or unjust) 
  • 14.A person(female)who tries to get everything for herself=*harpy; (a woman of bad character/ a creature,half bird, half woman,told of in Greek fairy stories) 
  • 15.An old woman of bad character=*harridan 
  • 16.A wild thoughtless person=*harum-scarum 
  • 17.A man who gathers the crop=*harvester; (a machine for cutting and gathering grain[eg.corn, wheat,etc.]/a small biting insect) 
  • 18.A person having no true knowledge of God= *heathen; (Those children are young heathens= –––are wild and bad manner) 
  • 19.One who worries a candidate for election by interruption & awkward questions=*hackler; (hackle=to trouble,eg.a public speaker by asking many questions) 
  • 20.The person who will get certain money,land,or power when another person dies=*heir; (heirloom=any valuable thing which is passed on to an heir and may not be sold out of the family) 
  • 21.A slave in ancient Greece=*helot 
  • 22.Helper=*help-mate,help-meet; (wife) 
  • 23.A servant=*henchman 
  • 24.Husband(=one ruled by his wife)= *hen-pecked 
  • 25.An officer who declares important news to the public,eg.war,the death of the king,etc.=*herald; (any person who carries news/a person or thing which acts as a sign of some future event,eg. Birds are haralds of Spring) 
  • 26.One who teach heresy=*heretic; (heresy=any teaching which is not according to what has been settled as true by Church/teaching not in agreement with what is believed by most people) 
  • 27.One who retires from society to live a solitary life=*hermit; (a man who lives apart from all people in order to live a holy life/recluse) 
  • 28.A female hero=*heroine; (hero=1.a great man in the early history of any people/2.a very brave person;the chief character[=person]in a story-book,poem/adj.heroic=like a hero,very brave/heroics=loud and foolish talk,as when pretending to be very brave//heroin=medicine) 
  • 29.(German)Mr.=*Herr 
  • 30.A person of high rank in Spain=*hidalgo 
  • 31.One who put on an appearance of great learning=*highbrow(person);( [music,etc.] too difficult to be understood by the general public) 
  • 32.One who lives in the mountains–––especially in Scotland=*Highlander 
  • 33.Very good and honest person=*high-minded (person) 
  • 34.A thief who uses a gun and steals from travellers=*highwayman 
  • 35.(Am.)A thief who steals by force from other law-breakers=*hijacker 
  • 36.A servant on a farm=*hind; (a female deer// [legs]at the back of the animal/hinder(parts)= back parts/hinder=to prevent,to try to stop a person doing what he wants to/hindrance= anything which causes trouble or difficulty) 
  • 37.One who holds beliefs of Hinduism=*(a)Hindu
    ;(Hinduism=the beliefs in God held by many people of India) 
  • 38.(Am.)One who gets about the country by stopping strangers on the road and asking to be taken along in their motor-car=*hitch-hiker; (hitch=a simple knot;a difficulty or cause of delay
    ,eg.A hitch in one’s plans) 
  • 39.A young person of careless manners and unskillful movements=*hobbledehoy; (hobble= to walk putting more weight on one leg then on the other because of pain,damaged leg/to tie the legs of a horse so that he can only move very slowly) 
  • 40.(Am.Sl.)An unemployed person who wanders from place to place=*hobo 
  • 41.A rough mannered girl=*hoiden 
  • 42.(Sl.)A very unpleasant,bad mannered person =holy terror; (holy=having to do with God/ respected as being very good and pure) 
  • 43.(Am.)A rough,noisy,bad mannered fellow= *hoodlum 
  • 44.A rough person who fights and makes a noise in the streets=*hooligan 
  • 45.Servant in a hotel in America=*(a bell)-hop; (hop=to move by short jump;to jump on one leg
    /a hop=a short jump;a small dance//hop=a tall climbing plant,the fruit of which is used for making beer) 
  • 46.A complete fool=*hopeless fool; (a hope=a feeling of hope,a thing for hope/hope=to desire and expect) 
  • 47.A man riding a horse=*horseman; (a horse soldier) 
  • 48.A man who receives guests=*host 
  • 49.A woman acting as host=*hostess; (the wife of one’s host//host=a great crowd;an army//host=holy bread in that ceremory of the Church which calls to memory the last supper of Jesus Christ) 
  • 50.A person held prisoner until some promise has been fulfilled=*hostage 
  • 51.An innkeeper=*hostler; (a man who looks after horses[more often written ostler] ) 
  • 52.A beautiful woman=*houri; (Persian and Arabic word) 
  • 53.A thief who breaks in houses=*housebreaker; (a man employed to pull down useless houses/ [Am.house-wrecker] ) 
  • 54.A family;all those living in one house=
    *household; (A household word=something known and talked of by everybody) 
  • 55.The lady in charge of house=*housewife; (a small container for needles,thread,etc.) 
  • 56.A rough mannered girl=*hoyden;(see hoiden) 
  • 57.(Sl.)Husband=*hubby 
  • 59.A person who pretends to do more than he can=*humbug,(an act done for the purpose of deceiving/[of speech]dishonest or untrue;foolish, empty talk/to humbug=to deceive) 
  • 60.A man who hunts animals=*hunter; (a horse used in hunting[riding after]foxes/hunt=to go after wild animals and try to catch or kill them/ to look for that which is lost/To hunt up,To hunt out =to look for something which is difficult to find) 
  • 61.The man to whom a woman is married= *husband; (To husband one’s money=to save one’s money and use it very carefully) 
  • 62.A farmer=*husbandman; (husbandry=the work of farmer) 
  • 63.A horse soldier=*hussar 
  • 64.A troublesome girl=*hussy 
  • 65.One who pretends to be what he has not= *hypocrite; (hypocrisy=the act of pretending to have goodness and strength of character which one does not possess/hypocrite=one who does hypocrisy/impostor)

Single And General Words for Many Kinds of People (H)

Single And General Words for Many Kinds of People (H)

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Single And General Words for Many Kinds of People (H)

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