Study English - Improve your English skills | Learn English faster!


Your journey starts here! Study English – Improve your English skills!


Study English - Improve your English skills | Learn English faster!

Your English Proficiency Skills (Band) level up by achieving every 50 English skills points! Once you’ve passed the exam, you can download your English certificate. No registration required and Free. Trusted by over one Million students.


Step 1 (11 Points)

English for Beginners S1

English for Beginners course (11 Units / 11 English Skills Points)



This English for Beginners course is created for English beginners who need help to understand the basics of English.

Step 2 (58 Points)

General English S2

General English Band S2 (58 Units / 58 English Skills Points)

Receiving the band S2 level you are familiar with basic grammar and vocabulary. You know how to use basic English phrases and expressions, collocations, phrasal verbs and idioms. You can understand them in spoken and written language and you learn how to use them during conversations and writing informal texts.

Step 3 (20 Points)

Learn English with Khadige S3

Learn English with Khadige S3 (20 Units / 20 English Skills Points)



These lessons and exams are prepared by “TIME TO LEARN ENGLISH” Facebook group. It aims to improve students’ English grammar skills.

Step 4 (50 Points)

Learn English with Woodward English S4 (General English)

Learn English with Woodward English S4 (General English) (50 Units / 50 English Skills Points)



Woodward English has created this free online General English English course that is open to anyone around the world. This course helps you learn English from a Basic level to an Advanced level.

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Where is the certificate ID on English Proficiency certificate?


Certificate ID

You can find your unique 12 digits English proficiency certificate number in the bottom right corner of the certificate.

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Well done, you have studied English hard and passed these English proficiency skill tests in Record-Breaking time!


Verify a English proficiency certificate to confirm your English skills, proficiency and experience at the – First and the Best social learning English academy trusted by over one MILLION international students. You’ll get a free transcript, in digital format.

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