Top 10 Teen Slang Words Every Parent Should Know

Jun 14, 2019English Vocabulary, Smart Brains Spotlight


Top 10 Teen Slang Words Every Parent Should Know

Claire Yang


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Today we learned about “Top 10 Teen Slang Words Every Parent Should Know.  Here are 10 top and most common teen slang words you might hear and you as a parent should know about.


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Top 10 Teen Slang Words Every Parent Should Know


Top 10 Teen Slang Words Every Parent Should Know

Top 10 Teen Slang Words Every Parent Should Know | Claire Young



Top 10 Teen Slang Words Every Parent Should Know


Claire Yang


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Do Parents Know Their Teens’ Favorite Slang? | React: Do They Know It?


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Top 10 Teen Slang Words Every Parent Should Know



Top 10 Teen Slang Words Every Parent Should Know Answer by Clare Young, (Quora’s Cool Teenage Cat). All credit goes to Clare Young, Thank you!



Top 10 Teen Slang Words Every Parent Should Know 7.0/10



In no particular order:


Top 10 Teen Slang Words Every Parent Should Know 1. Heck. So beautiful, so versatile. It can be used as a response to indicate exaggerated positivity, because “yes” and “sure” are so overused and outdated.

Ex: “can you send me the APES notes”
“heck yes”

It can also be used to exaggerate your point, like in place of cursing (because cursing is not #cool). Followed usually by another extreme (like great vs. thriving).

Ex: “I am great” (means you are great)
“I am hEcking thriving” (means you are a healthy plant, growing towards the sun, spreading your leaves out and efficiently photosynthesizing. (in a sarcastic way though, probably))

Also can be used as adverb.

Ex: “sOoo how was the math quiz?”
“it was hecka hard :(“


Top 10 Teen Slang Words Every Parent Should Know 2. Big brain. Response to something real smart.

Ex: “can’t have bad hair days if you just chop off your head”
“big brain”


Top 10 Teen Slang Words Every Parent Should Know 3. wack. Can be used to describe events, people, places, books, chicken, games, dances, fingernails, etc.
Ex: “how many indents are in your kneecap because I think there’s supposed to be two but I only feel one”
“that’s wack”


Top 10 Teen Slang Words Every Parent Should Know 4. Hhhhh is a stressed exhale indicating that your brain doesn’t even know what to say and is usually appropriate as a response to bad news or a newly apparent stressful situation. Also appropriate to incorporate some of #5 into.

Ex: “wait the bio and math test are on the same day”


Top 10 Teen Slang Words Every Parent Should Know 5. DJSKJDSSK. A nice way to think about the difference between this and #4 is that instead of indicating a blank brain, it’s indicating a brain too full, too busy. Something’s been said that has caused a small explosion (stress? excitement? anger?) that has blasted some brain cells onto your brain walls, and now they are sliding around like drops of rain hitting the window of a moving car on a gloomy day, except more chaotic.

Ex: (Sean Lew: *uploads a new video*)


Top 10 Teen Slang Words Every Parent Should Know 6. Oof. What you say when you forget the negative sign on a math test.


Top 10 Teen Slang Words Every Parent Should Know 7. Feelsbad. What you say when someone else forgets the negative sign on a math test.


Top 10 Teen Slang Words Every Parent Should Know 8. It be like that sometimes. Because sometimes… life get’s hard, and it’s easiest to just tell yourself that it just be like that sometimes. Because it really do.

Ex: “lol yea during my math quiz my right eye got super swollen and then my eyeball just like totally fell out and it was like rolling around and I was trying to find it but, I mean, I only had one eyeball to look for it”
“It really do be like that sometimes”


Top 10 Teen Slang Words Every Parent Should Know 9. Big big sad. When you really feel for someone. You feel the big sad. Can be paired with #3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or like, all of the above.

Ex: “there is no more pasta.”
“HHhhhhxhdfhjdj oof that’s a hecking feelsbad. It really be like that sometimes. this is big big sad.”
(I cringed so hard writing that damn maybe don’t pair that many it’s a little much)


Top 10 Teen Slang Words Every Parent Should Know 10. no u. In my opinion, best used as a smooth reply to heck a positive comment right back at the comment-er. Bonus points if it only barely makes sense.

Ex: “ow this chicken noodle soup is tOo hot”
“no u”

Also appropriate as a response to a lighthearted compliment.
Ex: “if you were an element you’d be francium bc you are the most attractive”
“no u”

Honorable mentions: “fax”, “frick”, “bRo”, “forehead”, “yikes”, “mood”, “yuh”, “sus”, “hecka sus”, “love that for you”, t a l k i n g l i ke t h i s, tALkiNg liKe tHiS, talking like thisss

This took a long time to write. Please appreciate the quality content. Most of this “slang” is so similar in meaning I think it just further shows how depressed and edgy and stressed these tEens are getting nowadays. On the bright side, I think it’s contributed to how funny we are. This generation is, like, peak level humor. I may be biased tho.

thx for reading <3 — cy


Top 10 Teen Slang Words Every Parent Should Know Reference: Claire Young. “What are your top ten teen slang words?originally appeared on Quora, the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.





Top 10 Teen Slang Words Every Parent Should Know Expert Tips From The World-Renowned Experts :



Teen Slang Words Every Parent Should Know



Top 10 Teen Slang Words Every Parent Should Know  Very Well Family – Awks, Cancel, Cheddar, Dope, Goat and Gucci


  1. Awks – Awkward
  2. Cancel – A rejection of a person, place or thing
  3. Cheddar – Money
  4. Dope – Cool or awesome
  5. GOAT – Greatest of all time
  6. Gucci – Good or cool


Thank you, Very Well Family – From pregnancy to kids’ health to parenting tips, get the facts and guidance you need to feel confident about the choices you make for you and your family. (Very Well Family – Amy Morin)



  USA Today – Bad, Bet. and Don’t Trip


  1. Bad – It’s opposite day when it comes to this word. “Bad” means good. Actually “bad” means even better than good. It’s often used in reference to someone’s appearance.
  2. Bet –“Bet” is used when you’re in agreement with something. If someone makes plans and you say “bet,” that means you are confirming said plan. 
  3. Don’t Trip – It’s not used as a cautionary “watch out, don’t trip.” “Don’t trip” means don’t worry or don’t stress about something. 


Thank you, USA Today – USA TODAY: Latest World and US News – (USA Today – Rasha Ali)



Netsanity – Teen Slang: The Complete Parent’s Guide + Infographic


Top 10 Teen Slang Words Every Parent Should Know

Click on the image to visit Netsanity’s original published document.


Thank you, NetSanity –  Netsanity™ // THE Parental Controls For iOS & Samsung – #1 Reviewed.



20 Ways to Learn English At Home   Your Tango – Sus, Snatched, and Boots


1. “Sus” – According to Urban Dictionary, “sus” is synonymous with scandalous or doing something wrong in some way. According to PopSugar, “sus” comes from the word “suspect” and is basically the internet’s new word for shady.

​2. “Snatched” – According to Urban Dictionary, “snatched” is a popular term in the gay community and refers to something good or, more commonly, a positive note to someone’s appearance. According to PopSugar, “Snatched” is the new “fleek”. More often than not the word is used to refer to something about a person’s appearance.

It also can mean taking someone’s respect from them. It can also mean taking someone’s wig off, or grabbing something that doesn’t belong to you and then pulling it back.

3. “Boots” – According to The Online Slang Dictionary’s website, “boots” is synonymous with ugly and unattractive.


Thank you, Your Tango – Love and relationship advice for women who are single, dating, married, living together or breaking up. (Your Tango – Nicole Bradley-Bernard)



  Entity Mag – Rip, TBT, and BB


1 (BIG) RIP – Yes, it still means “Rest in Peace,” but you definitely wouldn’t be saying it about someone who just died. “RIP” is used in response to an unfortunate but mild problem, and “big RIP” is used in response to an unfortunate but slightly less mild problem.

Sometimes, people also say “RIP me.” We say this in person or over text. Occasionally, we pronounce the individual R, I, and P letters of “RIP”, but most people just say it how it’s spelled.

Example: “Big RIP I just spilled coffee all over my computer” or “RIP me I just spilled coffee all over my computer!”

2 TBT – This originally meant “throwback Thursday,” but it can really be said or used any day of the week. It’s a way to bring back something that’s happened in the past to the present.

In person, people only say the individualized letters T, B and T. They don’t try to pronounce it out like a word.

Example: “TBT to when Jessica spelled kayak wrong.”

3 BB – The term “bb” doesn’t stand for anything. It’s basically a way to call your friend “baby.”

In person, people say “bb” like “bee-bee.”

Example: “Awww bb I’m sorry.”


Thank you, Entity MagEntity Mag – For Women That Do – Inspire, Educate, Motivate | ENTITY Mag – Women That Do – Inspire, Educate, Empower. (Entity Mag –  JENNIFER MARER)



Love to Know – Fam, Bae, and Doe


1, Fam – This means best friend or family. It is similar to saying dude, bro, or bestie.

Example sentence: “Sorry fam I can’t hang out later.”

2, Bae – This word has been around for a while but seems to be making a resurgence in popularity. Bae simply means boyfriend, girlfriend, or someone very much loved by the person.

Example sentence: “Lauren is bae. I love her.”

3, Doe – This word is used in place of “though” for more emphasis and probably also because teens like to use unique words.

Example sentence: “That new song, doe.”


Thank you, Love to Know –  LoveToKnow: Advice you can trust. (Love to Know – Gabrielle Applebury)



  FluentU – One Point, On Fleek and Basic


1. On Point – This slang expression means that something is well done, high quality or perfect. It is especially helpful for describing an accomplishment, or something that is top quality or wonderful. It may originate from the way ballerinas stand “en pointe,” or on the very tips of their toes.

2. On Fleek – Just like on point, this slang term is another way to describe something nearly close to perfection, especially, of course, in the eyes of a teen. You can also use fleekin’ or fleeking. 

3. Basic -This is an adjective used to describe when something is typical or ordinary. This term is most commonly used to describe the appearance of females.


Thank you, FluentU – Language immersion is the key to learning a foreign language. FluentU brings language learning to life through language immersion with real-world videos.



Slang Word List – Aggro, Thicc, Ykwtfgo, Awks, IYKWIM, and RN


  1. Aggro: Furious wild at a point
  2. Thicc: It is very diversified slang. Mostly used to express bigger body part or bigger person from usual size
  3. Ykwtfgo: You Know What The F***k is going on
  4. Awks: It is short of Awkward
  5. IYKWIM: If You Know What I Mean
  6. RN: It is short form of Right Now, Like “I have to fix my car like RN!”


Thank you, Slang Word ListSLANG WORD LIST website is a platform of providing authentic and updated slang words that people use around the world. 


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