4 Top Practice English Speaking With Yourself From Home Ideas

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4 Top Practice English Speaking With Yourself From Home Ideas

That Can Impress Your Friends


Becky Aspinall


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Today we learned about “4 Top Practice English Speaking With Yourself From Home IdeasThat Can Impress Your Friends. Let Becky Aspinall shares with you 4 top ideas which can help you speak English more clearly and fluently from the comfort of your own home.


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Top Practice English Speaking With Yourself From Home Ideas

Top Practice English Speaking With Yourself From Home Ideas | Becky Aspinall


4 Top Practice English Speaking With Yourself From Home Ideas


That Can Impress Your Friends


Becky Aspinall


How can I become fluent in English?



Practice Speaking English at Home by Yourself


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Answer by Becky Aspinall (Native Teacher – Teaching English as a second language! Co-Founder / Teacher at onlineenglishskills.com). All credit goes to Becky Aspinall, Thank you!



4 Top Practice English Speaking With Yourself From Home Ideas That Can Impress Your Friends



Top Practice English Speaking With Yourself From Home Ideas 6.5/10


Don’t say that… You are not bad you just need to improve. So how can you improve your speaking effectively?

You might be thinking “I don’t have anyone to practice with”…and of course having someone to practice with is extremely helpful.

However, don’t let that stop you, you can practice speaking English alone and I’m going to share 4 great activities that you can do by yourself at home!



ACTIVITY #1: Read out loud


A fantastic speaking activity you can do from the comfort of your own home ALONE is to read out loud!

Whenever, you read anything in English, read out loud; it could be a book, an article a social media post.


When you read out loud you’re using your mouth muscles to produce English sounds. When you speak in your own language you use different mouth muscles to when you speak in English so this is why it’s important to practice.

This activity is very easy and will make a difference to your speaking!



ACTIVITY #2: Speak about what you are doing


When you are doing things around the home; cleaning, making dinner, doing the gardening etc. speak in English as you do them.

For example; 
“I’m making lunch for my family”, “I’m cutting the vegetables”, “I’m pouring the water into the pan”, “I’m putting it on the table”….by doing this you are re-using vocabulary, pronouncing words and connecting your ideas together.



ACTIVITY #3: Talk about past or future events


Another similar activity to the one above is; talk about past events or future events…

For example; 

What you did at the weekend? or what you’re are going to do? This is a great way to practice using and practising different grammar structures.


ACTIVITY #4: Describe images


A great activity is to describe images. This is a superb way to start using different descriptive vocabulary.

All you need to do is; when you see an image; speak about it and describe in detail what you can see, if there are people in the picture, what are they doing? You can also speculate using modal verbs.

As you can see there are ways to practice speaking English without a speaking partner. Go on, give these activities a go and take your speaking skills to the next level!

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Top Practice English Speaking With Yourself From Home Ideas Reference: Becky Aspinall. “I’m too bad in speaking English. How can I learn it from home itself?”  originally appeared on Quora, the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.

Other Top Practice English Speaking With Yourself From Home Ideas


Top Practice English Speaking With Yourself From Home Ideas Record yourself speaking English


This may in the beginning feel strange to be speaking ‘out loud’ but this is a good way of practising and then replaying what you have just recorded. Start with simple pieces to record, then repeat until you become more confident before continuing with more difficult pieces to say ‘out loud’ and keep on recording. You can practise reading from books starting with easier books before progressing to harder books as you become more confident. This will also help with learning about written English.


Thank you, Spoken English Practice – Learn Spoken English from Native English Teachers. Our Unique Approach is 6X Faster than any other Teaching Method. Improve in Weeks!


Top Practice English Speaking With Yourself From Home Ideas Concentrate on speaking your words


Learning to speak English through imitation. When I say imitation, I’m not talking about repeating after native speakers using the exact same words to improve your pronunciation. I’m talking about something a little more advanced than that. Here’s how it works: you listen to a conversation, a story, or some kind of speech, and then try to deliver that speech in your own words.


Thank you, Eng Fluent – Improve Your Spoken English By Yourself, At Home, With No Speaking Partners.


Top Practice English Speaking With Yourself From Home Ideas Get online


If you need more help with speaking English, you can try some of these links.

TalkEnglish have lessons for basic English.

For more native-speaker phrases, check out to The English We Speak, which is part of the BBC English website. You can also try the British Council website to learn how to say the right words for different situations. While if you’re looking for a conversation partner to practise with, you can try Speak Languages. For more help choosing a conversation exchange platform, read some of the reviews!


Thank you, English At Home – I am Clare, the founder of english-at-home.com. I’ve taught English for more than 20 years in different countries around the world.


Top Practice English Speaking With Yourself From Home Ideas Use authentic materials


Just reading English in textbooks can get boring. Try reading English texts written for and by native speakers.

It will be a challenge at first but a lot more interesting once you can do it. If you can’t find English books or magazines, use the Internet to read the news in English every day. Why not take a look at the EF English Live free Engish resources and check your skills with our free English test, try fun quizzes, learn with our ebooks and more?


Thank you, EF English Live – With our interactive lessons available anytime on any device, and live classes starting every 30 minutes, EF English Live is designed to easily fit English learning into your lifestyle. Your goals.


Watch Movies


Watch English language movies. If you watch DVDs, select English subtitles to help you follow what is being said.


Thank you, UNSW Sydney – Australia’s Global UniversityUNSW Sydney, a Powerhouse of Cutting-Edge Research & Teaching in the Asia-Pacific.


Talk to Yourself


Whenever you’re at home (or alone somewhere else) you can improve English speaking with your favorite person: yourself. If you’re already thinking in English, try speaking your thoughts out loud. Read out loud, too. Practice is practice, and even if you don’t have anyone to correct your mistakes, just the act of speaking out loud will help you become more comfortable speaking English.


Thank you, FluentU – Language Immersion Online | Learn a Language with Videos.


Label everything in English


Whether it be grammar or vocabulary, memorisation is a part of learning English. Memorisation can also be hard and boring, so Virginia Lang has a number of creative solutions for students. “Get post-it notes and label everything in your house.

Every time you associate that object with the word, you’re more likely to remember it.” English has a number of grammar rules, which students often find difficult to remember.

“You can put them in a place where you’re going to spend a lot of time — possibly the bathroom or your bedroom — where you can remind yourself of those rules,” says Virginia.


Thank you, ABC – Australia’s leading source of information and entertainment.


Talking With Myself? Isn’t That a Sure Sign of Insanity?


First of all, the best occasions for speaking English with yourself is when you’re alone or when there’s no-one in close proximity. That way you’ll make sure no-one overhears you and you’ll avoid embarrassing situations. I’m pretty sure that anyone has at least 10, 20 minutes a day when you’re completely on our own and that time can be very well spent improving your spoken English.


Thank you, English Harmony – Improve Spoken English & English Fluency.


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