Welcome to Philippines The famous Mount Arayat

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Welcome to Philippines – The famous Mout Arayat

Arayat, my hometown, and its Enchanted mountain.

Arayat is a first class municipality in the province of Pampanga, Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 121,358 people. A large portion of Mt.Arayat is located within this municipality.

Historical research cannot declare the exact boundary date of Arayat, but there are accounts detailing that people are settling here already between 1335 and 1380.

Another historian states that Prince Balagtas or his son, Araw Maalangsic was the founder of Arayat. At that time, it occupied what is today’s barrios.The town’s name itself is a puzzle too.



No one knows for sure how the town was christened such, but theories includes:

    • Arayat was originated from the name of Fernando de Arayat, a Spanish encomiendero whose birthplace in Spain was called “Arayat”, over time , a particular researcher claims that the natives had transformed the word to “Days”.
    • The original name “Dayat” was derived from dayatan which literally means dry season rice crop.
    • Arayat was formerly known as “Alaya”or “east”, thus, bunduk Alaya or eastern mountain referred to Mt.Arayat, likewise,this same source considered the word”Arayat”to be of Spanish coinage word.




The town of Arayat is located in the northern part of Pampanga with a total area of 17,694 hectares.

Aside from considering it as Central Luzon’s compass and a major landmark, Mt Arayat is the home of Mariang Sinukuan (a beautiful fairy) who is said to be the sister of Mariang Makiling of Laguna province. She is a mystical character who’s always been a part of the colorful history of the town of Arayat, Pampanga. Mt.Arayat was already an official weather forecaster just by looking at the cloud formation surrounding its peak.

Mt.Arayat is an inactive volcano with no recorded historical eruption. Mt.Arayat is now considered as one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Central luzon region.

In spite of the fantastical stories surrounding the mountain ,hikers are not afraid from exploring the promising Mt.Arayat.



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