What’s the Easiest Way to Learn English? Here Are 3 Proven Skills

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What’s the Easiest Way to Learn English?

Here Are 3 Proven Skills


Vinod Kannan



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Today we learned about What’s the Easiest Way to Learn English? Here Are 3 Proven Skills. Let Vinod Kannan shares with you 3 easy but essential English learning skills that can help you become fluent in English fast.


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What’s the Easiest Way to Learn English

What’s the Easiest Way to Learn English | Vinod Kannan


What’s the Easiest Way to Learn English? Here Are 3 Proven Skills


Vinod Kannan


How can I become fluent in English?




5 Powerful Tips and Proven Skills to Help You Learn English while Watching TV




Thank you, “Youtube – To Fluency“.


Answer by Vinod Kannan (Keep Learning, Instrumentation Engineer by Profession). All credit goes to Vinod Kannan, Thank you!


What’s the Easiest Way to Learn English?  Here Are 3 Proven Skills



What’s the Easiest Way to Learn English 6.7/10


To learn any language, the three steps below have to be remembered:


1. Observing/Listening

2. Thinking

3. Speaking


Think about how you talk in your mother tongue: how is it possible to be fluent without any awareness?

Have you ever observed how a child learns?

Is it through grammar, vocabulary/word building techniques? Of course not, right?!


While learning a language, the general mistake everybody makes is that they try to speak grammatically, learn vocabulary and use many different techniques. Why do we have to make things so complex?

Look at the child: she/he observes what their parents say and what the surrounding people teach them. They don’t try to understand the meaning, but SIMPLY OBSERVE.

The basic secret to learn any language (English, in this case) is




What does observing do to us?

If you are in the native environment then it is easier to observe people’s conversation. If not, then watch English news and movies.

When you are observing, you are focusing more on your eyes than on your ears and

When you were listening, you are focusing more on your ears than on your eyes. Understand the difference.


What’s the Easiest Way to Learn English

What’s the Easiest Way to Learn English | Thanks, Quora



When you focus on your eyes and ears, it sends a signal to the brain which keeps registering the information. That registering is what is most important, because when we try to speak the new language we end up coming up blank; we can’t find any words in our mind.

If you do this simple thing every day for a few minutes, then without conscious effort, someday you will start to speak yourself.

In the beginning, practice observation by watching videos and then listen to audio files maybe in the form of Mp3 songs and close your eyes & listen.

If you keep practicing every day then you don’t need to observe and listen separately—it starts to overlap: observing and listening will become one.

While you watch movies, just observe carefully the way in which people say things, and note their actions. If you don’t understand the meaning, it’s ok; you don’t need to.

While listening, our brain registers pronunciation and phonetics.

Our brain interconnects both actions & sounds and creates a stronger neural path.


The second step is THINKING.


Actually, when we learn a new language, normally we tend to think in our mother tongue, convert it into English and then speak.

In those moments, we extensively use gap fillers like “ah…Ah.., Basically, Actually, I know, Right, I mean” etc.

So, try to think in English and speak the same. Now you are triggering the neural paths which have been created while observing.


The Third Step is SPEAKING


After practicing the aforementioned two things, start to practice speaking. If you know someone who speaks English well then you can communicate with them. If you think that they may make fun of you then you can turn-on the sound recorder from your mobile and start to speak into that instead. After that, listen to what you said and how many fillers you used.


In addition, you can practice in front of the mirror; it makes you aware of your body language as well.


What’s the Easiest Way to Learn English

What’s the Easiest Way to Learn English | Thanks Quora


Some tips….


1. Speak using simple words; don’t use words which you are not comfortable with.

2. Write something: you can fill out a journal entry every day. It makes you better at writing too.

3. Read books not for vocabulary building but just so you have an idea how the words you know are used in context.

4. Don’t become self conscious. It generally happens to everyone. We talk with ourselves well, but when someone suddenly tells us to speak on stage, we run out of words. It happens because we have not adapted to the practice and, most probably, do not know how to manage our fear.

5. Once you become confident, then you can check out trying new grammar/vocabulary.

6. Lastly, English is just a language, not knowledge. It is another language through which which we communicate/interact with the world. So don’t overburden yourself. Whatever you learn, it should come out of playfulness.



What’s the Easiest Way to Learn English Reference: Vinod Kannan. “How can I become fluent in English?”  originally appeared on Quora, the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better understand the world.



Other Easiest and Proven Ways to Learn English



What’s the Easiest Way to Learn English Read Children’s books and Newspaper


Children’s books have easier words and are a good alternative to graded readers.

Newspapers are a good place to find passive constructs. Read through an article and see if you can find the passive sentences.

Read for the general meaning first. Don’t worry about understanding every word, then go back and look up new words.

Read graded readers. These books are specially written for your level. Read a whole novel. You can do it! You’ll feel great afterward.


Thank you, EC English – offers tailored language course shaped to deliver the solutions you’re looking for. Learn to work, to pass exams or just for the sake of it.


What’s the Easiest Way to Learn English Surround yourself with English


Change the language to English on your phone, social media and any other websites you use regularly.

Join online and real-world groups that speak in English. Find groups that share your interests, so you have something in common to talk about.

Speak to your fellow English students in English as often as you can.

Watch TV shows and movies in English. Even if you don’t understand the words, you’re learning patterns without even realizing it.

Watch the news and listen to the radio in English. Subscribe to an English magazine or newspaper. Make English the first language you see every day!


Thank you, FluentU – brings language learning to life through language immersion with real-world videos.


What’s the Easiest Way to Learn English Find a good GREAT reason to Learn English


Before “the what” or “the how”, start with “the why”. Get a pen right now, or open a text document on your computer, and write down why you want to be fluent in English.

Don’t write a reason just because it sounds cool. Really think about why learning English is important to you. You don’t have to show it to anyone. Just make sure that your reason is great enough to motivate you throughout your English mission. The more motivated you are to study English, the easier English will be to learn.


Thank you, Fluent In 3 Months – Language Hacking and Travel Tips.


Learning Like a Baby


As babies, we learned our first language by immersion, listening and mimicking every single day. All we could do was listen, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And not once, did we receive a grammar lesson from anyone.

We didn’t study grammar books. Endlessly conjugate verbs. Memorize vocabulary. We didn’t get marked down every time we made a mistake.

And that’s why we learned it so well.

But as adults, we cannot afford to go back to this approach. We don’t have the time. And the good news is that we don’t need to because we can actually learn faster.

We can use our working vocabulary to accelerate our learning.


Thank you, Charles Scalfani – Software Engineer and Architect, Teacher, Writer, Filmmaker, Photographer, Artist




have tremendous emotional power to learn super-fast. Why? Because you must study English 8-14 hours a day… and every hour you must be alert, interested, and energetic.

To improve that quickly, you must build emotion. You must be obsessed with English. You must be passionate and incredibly enthusiastic. Remember, Emotion is 80% of success, method is only 20%.

To create passion, you need very compelling reasons to learn English. Just doing well on a test is not a strong enough reason. Just getting a new job is not a strong enough reason. You need HUGE reasons for doing this. Imagine all the incredible benefits you will have as a fluent English speaker. Imagine how your life will change 5 years from now. 10 years from now. 20 years from now.

If you are motivated by money, imagine how English will make you amazingly rich. Visualize your dream house, your dream car, your dream life.


Thank you, Effortless English Club – Learn To Speak English Powerfully With Effortless English.


Don’t Be too Ashamed to Speak


Normally, a child learns their first language surrounded by that language, they are immersed in it, and step by step they also get schooled in various aspects of their language over the years. They learn to read, write, listen and speak. Some aspects may be easier than others, but all these skills are important.

So to learn another language quickly, think about how you learned your own language through reading, writing and speaking, and try to remember which method was easiest for you. For instance, if you found it easy to learn your native language by reading at school, try and find simple English books to read and build your confidence, vocabulary and understanding. Or if you really enjoy grammar, do the grammar activities online with EF English Live.


Thank you, English Live EF – Welcome to English Live, the experts in online learning.


Set a goal and create a learning strategy


Let’s say you currently have a B1 level of English.

Great! This is a good level to have. However, your goal should be to have a higher level by a certain date.

For example, you can say: “I want to have a C1 level of English within 9-12 months.” This goal is specific and has a deadline. The goal should be attainable but ambitious.

If you make it unrealistic, you’ll soon give up. If you make it too easy, you won’t see any progress and that isn’t exciting. Again, you’ll give up.


Thank you, To FluencyTo Fluency shows you how to learn English in the most effective way so that you can become fluent as fast as possible. Are you ready to speak English fluently?


If you think about it, our lives are an endless pursuit of answers and new questions. So how can YOU take action to ensure that your learning never comes to an end?


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