Who created God? A Question to Answer and its answer is even simpler.

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 Who created God

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When a needle falls into a deep well, many people will look into the well, but few will be ready to go down after it. 

— African Proverb

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Who created God

The Burning Owl A short Story By Kamal

Who created God? A Question to Answer and its answer is even simpler.


A Question to Answer

A question, which is supposedly asked by those who think that they think a couple of steps ahead of other people! Although the question is simple, its answer is even simpler.


Who created God The question goes, “who created God?”


Well, without further ado, the answer is going to be answered in the form of ‘3’ points:


Who created God 1. The definition of God, as you read it seriously yet reasonably, it bears the unique (nonpareil) meaning of the entity or the thing being defined at. Unlike Humans or rather the mortal entities, beings, or things, God’s (the Almighty’s, the Lord’s, or Allah’s) Definition can be unique in itself: It always bears the meaning of the:- the all-Powerful, the Supreme, the Immortal, the Creator, the Ruler, the Wise, the Gracious, the Punisher, the Justice, and other “”Positive”” names bearing unique attributes that are in turn ascribed only to this Godly definition of the God. In blunt words, (since this Post or article is all about the Islamic Postulates in regard to the One and the Only God) if God or Allah Had been really born or created, we would not have dared to call Him God or Allah, but rather we would have just named Him a mortal or a creature. So, the definition of God, the true, classic, official definition of the [true real] God, as such, will only bear the unique meaning, which defines that Creator, accordingly, holily, godly.

When you seek out the meaning of God in the dictionaries, you will always find that uncommon definition, respectively. And forasmuch as Webster’s Dictionary is being renowned for its trustable content, even since before the era of the Internet, I am going to relay how God is being defined in the a-Capitalised part of Entry ‘1’ of which:

“god noun
\ ˈgäd also ˈgȯd \

Definition of god (Entry 1 of 2)
capitalized : the supreme or ultimate reality: such as
: the Being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness who is worshipped as creator and ruler of the universe”

Even the holy Book of the Noble Qur’an did define God in a Surah (a holy Verse), flawlessly:


الإخلاص/al-Ikhlās/(The Purity) The Sincerity

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

“(1). Say: He is Allah, the One and Only!
(2). Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
(3). He begetteth not nor is He begotten.
(4). And there is none like unto Him.”


The above-named Surah (Sura) speaks for itself.


2. It is true that intellectively there is a reason for anything to happen, and that anything happens, happens by a factor. For instance, the machine was created by man; the reason was because man needed this machine, and the catalyst was man themselves. That logically implies one other thing or rather fact. That is, man who created (or rather made up) that machine was also Created by yet a Higher Thing. That Thing was God (Allah:. defined as: The One and the Only God).

Now, there might be an imagined gap in here, but even that imagined gap had its own irrefutable, treadable yet unobservable bridge. The gap that begs the question: ‘If man or Humans who created the machine were created, then their Creator should be created, as well?!’

That above-cited question would have been in place, if the God being worshipped in question were human, human-like, animal, animal-like, or machine, machine-like. In other words, if He Had been ordinarily mediocre, or just a nominal God.

Although the question may have been curiously unavoidable, it merits an unavoidably rational answer! The answer is as follows:

The God who Created man was not at all created, made up, incarnated, sculptured, or born for three reasons:

I. If you carefully consider the machine (or any contraption), which was created by man (or by Daemons), you shall realise that it either has been duplicated into multiple machines or reproduced like man themselves, in terms of pairs, multiplication, reproduction, or cloning (other organisms included). And since both man and the machine have been multiplied, there have been many copies of them, or just there have been many of them, God Remains God, as it is Being One and Only. Always Has been, yet always Will Be. Because, this fact of multitude that other creatures and things besides God undergo is itself the answer that provides us with the empiric demonstration that God is never created, since He is still One and Only, Nonesuch, and that no one shares the Rule of Godhood with. Like, there are many kings of man Created By God, many scientists and scholars of man Created By God, many devices and gismos created by man, but there Is only One God. And, this matchless “Oneness” of the God is the proof on His Singlehood (Onestness) as Being the uncreated Perpetual Sole Thing Creating Life, Rules, and Death. However, if any religion whatsoever held more than one God, even one God and a half, or unreasonably claimed that God did not create the Devil or Evil, or that God was restrictively responsible for creation and not responsible for destruction and sustenance–that religion would be logically invalid, or dubiously twisted.

(I.e. God Is the Creator of all; Good and Evil (or the Evil one), and for reasons, and that nothing occurs without His Knowledge or Permission. For He is the only True Foreknower).

II. The concept of impregnation (fertilisation) or multiplication in this mundane life, and the general things man do, in addition to the laws of the universe are all but Rules Set down by the God Himself specific to His creatures or Creation. And the proof on that is the Angels (Allah’s Servants). Why is there no impregnation or marriage between the Angels? It is because in the Heaven, the Rules do differ due to that fact that in the Heaven one is in no need of children or a clan, since this mundane life per se is being temporary and that all its dwellers are destined By that Creator to die. Even Adam and Eve, when they had to bring forth children, they were first descended upon the Earth to be allowed to do that. They did not do that in the Heaven above. Allah’s Rules.

Even the sun, for instance, is scientifically termed a star, and there are billions of stars out there. The moon, on the other hand, is considered to be a celestial body, and they there are many celestial bodies orbiting in the outer space. It’s like the mountains. There are mountains into this earth, but much like humans, stars, and planets, those mountains differ in proportion, altitude, and colour.

III. The impregnation and reproduction of man as well as all the creatures that inhabit the earth, however, is merely a Rule Founded By Allah to be applied to them and not to be applied to Him and His Angels.

Going by the above answer, the claim that God was created would now sound nonsensical, thanks to the explanation derived sensibly and simply.


who created god

Who created God? A Question to Answer and its answer is even simpler.


3. In this life, there are two unparalleledly paralleled lines, with respect to Good and Evil (Positive and Negative).

A. It is true that there is ‘0’ and there Is ‘1’ (Nil and Existence).

– That does not mean that God is ‘0…’ But He Is actually ‘1.’ (Since 1 connotes existence, it shows how God is being Positive in existence)

B. It is true that there is ‘1’ and there are many or much more (through creation, impregnation, or forging).

– That does not mean that there are dynast Gods… But there Is actually One and Only God Sharing His Authority with none. (Since “too many cooks spoil the broth” – and that “no man is an island” – and also “the congress of deities would only suggest their cooperation over something, thereby portraying their weakness and conspiracy,” the number ‘1’ only presents the absolute capability (the Omnipotence and the Omniscience) of the One God being correctly worshipped. Allah. Yet, it represents its stately Definition. The One Who Created the many as well as the untold. This would only implicate that God was never born or created in the first place, since He is still divinely the One and the Only, and that since He Had neither a maker nor parents or even ones to predate Him. Thusly, being born into this life or able to forge objects in this life is nothing but a Rule Established By that One and Only God for us and in this life). That is planning and hence logic

C. It is true that there is strength and there is weakness.

– That does not mean that God is weak… But He Is actually extraordinarily Strong

D. It is true that there is upstandingness and there is deviousness.

– That does not mean that God is being devious or dastard… But He Is actually Being supremely Upstanding and Righteous

E. Humans as well as Beasts do diet upon comestibles (or food) and defecate… But Angels or the higher-ranking Creatures that stand at the top of Allah’s List of Hierarchy of His Created living-beings do not.

– That does not mean that God does eat and defecate like Humans and Beasts do, but it rather proves that God Is Being Unique in Being One and in Being always on the “”Positive”” line. If Angels did not not come into existence as a result of impregnation, do you still think that God did? Well… you shouldn’t! That way Angels would sound above God, in terms of purity, if we were to ignorantly allege that God were born. Furthermore, if Angels (and they are many) were Created by that One God (Who Is One and Only), do you still think that very One Creating God (that One and Only) were created? We must not think or assume so! Because, so long as He Is still One, and the Angels and the Humans as well as the Machines are various, He is not created. Only the phoney can be successfully imitated or reproduced




Some fact warpers, or rather filthy perverts claim that Adam and Eve were loitering naked in the Garden!!! That’s but a hype forged by those salacious faithful.

Qu’ranically speaking, the holy Quran (AKA Qu’ran, al-Qur’an, Koran) shows in a Surah of its the complete opposite. And since the holy Quran is decently speaking concerning that matter and telling us in a Surah how Adam and Eve were clad in clothing, this maintains that Islam is being a civilised religion as such. Because, we all know that nudity suggests primitivity. And being nude or naked publicly is an immoral behaviour, which is classified as being against the etiquette. After all, only animals are being famous for being clothless.

Here’s a Surah from the holy Quran, which speaks of modesty pertaining to Adam and Eve:

Al A’raf/The Heights/الأعراف
بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ

“(27). O ye Children of Adam! Let not Satan seduce you, in the same manner as He got your parents out of the Garden, stripping them of their raiment, to expose their shame: for he and his tribe watch you from a position where ye cannot see them: We made the evil ones friends (only) to those without faith.”


“Stripping them of their raiment, to expose their shame…”

The above-mentioned Surah is obvious. Satan did not come and find Adam and Eve already naked, but rather he stripped them naked resorting to feint or deception.

A sidequestion that might not have been asked recurringly by the querists, In contrast to its precursor. However, I would like to go so far as to answer it, just in case.

Is God as Goddess? Can God be a Goddess or a Female?

The answer is simple, as well… and this time I’m going to answer it taking the all Abrahamic religions (God’s celestial religions) as a lead, since they have been Revealed unto Allah’s Prophets and Messengers:

As it’s generally known, we comprehend that when God Created man, He Created Adam first, and then He Created Eve. This very point shows us that the female acts as an “escort.” And since the beautiful female acts here as an escort, assuming that she could be a God or becoming one is preposterous. What’s more, since the female, albeit equal to male in the rights, is considered to be the second in fashioning, neither a God nor a Prophet should be a female. Because if a God or a Prophet were to be a female, she will be none other than a secondary number. Then, sooner or later, she will be an icon of divine subtlety and sensuality rather than true divinity. And people would follow her just for that. Or refrain from following her considering that. Even in the mathematical logic, we cannot precede the ‘2-digit’ to the ‘1-digit,’ exponentially.

Therefore, God is always Positive. So, next time, when one must interpret the definition of God, they must not confuse His with other creatures, critters, or toys’, whether those “creatures” (in general) were being Mortalised By that God’s (Allah’s) Will, such as man… etc. or briefly Immortalised By that same God’s (Allah’s) Will, such as Satan and his host.


Writ by
Muse Mage (The Third)

Who created God? A Question to Answer and its answer is even simpler.
Who created God? A Question to Answer and its answer is even simpler.


Who created God? A Question to Answer and its answer is even simpler.

If you think about it, our lives are an endless pursuit of answers and new questions. So how can YOU take action to ensure that your learning never comes to an end?


Who created God? A Question to Answer and its answer is even simpler.
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