Part 1-13 common but useful words that start with F you should add to your word vocabulary

by Jan 6, 2019English Vocabulary

Ashin Damika

Ashin Damika

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ONE for NOT + (one or one+) (F) Part(1)

Today I am going to share with you common and useful English words thesaurus. 13 common but useful words that start with F you should add to your word vocabulary.

fable = (a fanciful story of something)
which could not happen, eg, a fairy story, (a story with a moral ( = a teaching about good behaviour )) (fabulous=concerned with fables/impossible to believe/ unbelievable large)
Service title
face – value = (the value marked on a piece of money, stamp, etc.) not always its real value.
Service title
factitious = not natural but made by man / untrue / unnatural(of behaviour)
failure = (the act of)not succeeding / (failure to report=not reporting when one ought)
faint = not bright / (adj. lacking in strength / difficult to hear, see, etc. / n. a sudden loss of all feeling caused by illness or shock / faint – hearted = having little courage)
false = (wrong),not true, not faithful or loyal / (A false note=a wrong note in music ,or something which is not in good taste/ falsehood=an untruth/falsify= to make untrue)
fancy – free = not loving or wanting to marry anyone
far = not near, (at a distance, distance in time) (How far can you go?=to what distance? / Far be it from me to = – -I would not dare to / He will go far=be very successful)//very much(better etc. )(Far stronger = much stronger / Far & away better=very much better / adj. distant/It is a far cry to – – = a long way / few & far between=not often found)(far – fetched= unreasonable / foolish / far – seeing(far – sighted)=wise & thinking of the future/ farther most = the most distance)
few = not many / (A few=not many but more than one would expect / Every few(days)= once in a group of a few – – / A good few= a rather large number)
fiction = not a fact/(anything which is only imagined/a story/the art of writing stories/adj. fictitious)
fiddlesticks! = not good sense(=nonsense), (foolishness)
fitful = not regular, (unsteady)
flabby = not firm/(soft/lacking in strength of character)
fluke = (unexpected fortune)/He did it by a fluke=not by good play or good judgment, (by chance) // (fluke=a small flat creature found in the liver of diseased sheep /a flat fish // the broad flattened end of a fish’s tail / the flat point of an anchor)

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