English learning tips the difference between “Find” or “Search”

by Dec 14, 2018English and Study Tips

Ibraheem Basheer Ilyasu

Ibraheem Basheer Ilyasu

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Common English learning tips for beginners

Today I am going to show you the difference between English verbs “FInd” and “Search”.


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Ibraheem Basheer Ilyasu

The Difference between "Find" or "Search"


“Find” means to discover, understand, feel or become aware of something. In case of find, you are not looking for a missing thing or trying to get to something you have lost.


For example: Her parents are very anxious indeed to find a teacher for her.


“Search” means to look for something thoroughly in a place.  Search is used when you are trying to look for something that is missing or lost.


For example: Tom searched the room.


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