English Story by Raihana Enggar, The crying devil Part 2

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Raihanna Enggar

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English Story by Raihana Enggar - " The crying ? devil " Part 2, "Devin the ? devil"


Learn English with short stories. Today i am going to share with you my own English short story – The crying devil part 2, Devin the devil.


Thank you,

Raihana Enggar

” The crying ? devil ” ( Part 2: Devin the ? devil)

I felt uncomfortable after my boss introduced me to a newcomer. His name was Jonathan Smith. 

He has a Sharp nose, green eyes, and brown hair. He was more handsome than me. More charming eyes and smile. All my female friends tried to attract him.

Not only them my GF Amira looked so interested. That’s why I felt angry and hate him so much. He got everything better than me. He could get more clients. And could send my boss their compliments to him and the following day he stepped more level than my achievement. I really envy him. 

So I planned to destroy his reputation or his life. I always thought about it. What I have to do. To get my boss trusted and kicked him out of this company

The chance came. When my boss finally asked me to deal with the big client from Canada. I just made them satisfied and relieved so they will come back.

The last meeting was canceled and it was the bad day for Jonathan. Cuz after I changed his presentation I wrote it too on my financial report that he was marked up our budget to looked like he corrupts our company.

My boss was so angry about this when he found out. And he directly fired him. Even Jonathan tried to convince my boss but my boss still didn’t care. Jonathan looked at me with a strange feeling. But I pretend that I don’t know.

Finally, when he was on the way to back home I hit him with my car without mercy. Yes, he was murdered by me. And I just smiled and left his body with no care. Yesssss I am true devil …..

Story by: Raihana Enggar ?

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