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How could we use have and had?


Elo Kasia


English Time Ask Elo (29/05/2019)


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English Time Ask Elo

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How could we use have and had?


English Time Ask Elo


Asked by Hamdi Adnan (Community English Learner)


How could we use have and had?


English Time Ask Elo


Answered by Elo Kasia


Elo Kasia is the Facebook Group Mentor for “English Time | What I Learned Today” 


How could we use have and had

How could we use have and had | Ask Elo Kasia



? Question Time. How could we use have and had?


? @Hamdi Adnan Thank you for your question.


?As usual, I will try to explain the difference using simple language and plenty of examples.


Have” in English has many meanings and is used in many different situations. The main meaning of “have” is to possess something, to be the owner of something.

  • I have a bike.
  • My sister has a lot of clothes.
  • NOTE! We say: I have, you have, we have and they have, BUT she has, he has.


Questions and answers:

  • Do you have a car? Yes, I do.
    or No, I don’t. I don’t have a car.
  • Does your sister have a lot of money?
    Yes, she does.
    or No, she doesn’t. She doesn’t have a lot of money.


We can also use “have” to talk about family relationships. 

  • I have three brothers.
  • My friend has an uncle who lives in America.


“Have” can also be used in many other everyday situations, study these examples and learn them. In this way, you will not have to learn many new words and sound like a “native!”


Have+ meals and food = eat

  • Meals: have breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper
  • Food: have a sandwich, an apple, a salad, fish and chips, curry, soup etc.



Have+drinks = drink 

  • Drinks: coffee, tea, juice, a glass of wine, etc.
  • Have+break=take
  • Have a break, have some rest


Have a look at these examples:

  • I have black coffee every morning.
  • My friend never has breakfast, but she has lunch early at 12.
  • I always have dinner with my family.
  • They love to have a glass of wine with their dinner.
  • We usually have a salad and a glass of orange juice for our supper.
  • You have worked very hard, it is time to have a break.


Other nice expressions with “have” include: have fun, have a good time, or colloquial “have a ball”, which all mean to enjoy ourselves.


“Have” is used when we talk about the present time, that is, for situations which are always true or for activities we do every day, or regularly and they are part of our everyday routine.

“Had “ is used when we talk about the past, i.e. yesterday, last week, last month.

  • I had my dinner late last night because I was working late.
  • We had lunch together yesterday.
  • My cousins had a dog when we were children.


“Had” and “have” (“has”) are used together when we talk about something that happened sometime in the past but we don’t say exactly when.

  • Have you ever had a pet? = at any time in the past until now
  • I have never had breakfast in bed. = at no time in the past until now
  • Has he ever had a business lunch with his clients? No, he hasn’t.


It is also used when we have just finished or completed something. We usually add the word “just” or “already.”

  • Do you fancy going out for lunch? No, sorry, I’ve (=have) just had a sandwich. I’m not hungry.
  • He’s (has) just had his breakfast and is on his way to the office.
  • They’ve already had their break, so you can take yours now.


How could we use have and had Elo Kasia is the Facebook Group Mentor for “English Time | What I Learned Today”  and Director at Eloquent Learning Online School.


Elo Kasia

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