How to Prevent Depression and best ways for treatment

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How to prevent depression and best ways for treatment

How to beat depression?

Depression is a great modern disorder in relation to mental health. It is the disease that predominates in consultations in psychiatric and psychology clinics. It is ever increasing: estimates show that depression will occupy a second place among the causes of diseases and incapacity in the world by the year 2020.

Depression affects everyone: children, teenagers, young adults, middle-aged adults, and the elderly; men and women; people from all classes-rich and poor.

Suffering a great disappointment, having an excessive worry, or feeling stressed does not necessarily mean one has depression. However, these emotional alterations can be the beginning of a depression, and it is necessary to be attentive so these feelings do not continue too long.

The symptoms of depression are varied, and a diagnosis is not confirmed until several of them appear in a regular manner during a period of two weeks, and at least one of the symptoms is sadness or the Lost of interest or pleasure in normal activities. However, the emergence of only one symptom should serve as a warning to take measures before the solution becomes more difficult.

Best ways and useful tips for treatment and prevention


🕺Count on a friend or a confidante. Find someone who appreciates you and understands you so you can talk naturally. Meditating on your own about problems is the worst activity for the depressed individual.

🏌️Keep yourself busy. Go out in the fresh air and practice some type of sport; or if you prefer, stay home doing some type of manual activity. Activities keep you busy and will not allow your mind to become occupied with thoughts that reinforce depression.

🚶 Eliminate alcohol completely. This substance may relieve the symptoms for a few hours, but the destruction it causes to physical and mental health is quite serious.

🌱Maintain a healthy diet. Eat vegetables, fresh fruits, cereals, and legumes. If you had not yet developed the habit of eating in this manner, it will be difficult at first. However, after a while, you will grow accustomed to it.

🕴️Protect yourself from insomnia. Practice physical exercise, eat a light evening meal and avoid thoughts that caused worry. If sometimes you have difficulty sleeping, do not become impatient. Make yourself comfortable on a sofa and read a book or listen to the radio until you are able to sleep.

💇Think about good things. Concentrate on things that bring you satisfaction, and be certain that all periods of adversity will come to an end. We have many things to be grateful for.💖

🙏Assume of a hopeful attitude. Hope is a human necessity. Without it, doubt and fear and anxiety emerge. People who have hope in the future and a relationship with God are powerfully protected against depression.

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