How to Learn English Quickly and Easily at Home

by Dec 18, 2018English and Study Tips

Mubashir Tufail

Mubashir Tufail

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Useful English learning tips for beginners

Today, I’m gonna give you some ways to learn English at home. They are all my own experience. 


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Mubashir Tufail

Simple Tips to Learn English Quickly and Easily at Home

How will you learn English at home?

There is a lot of ways that you can do for you to improve your English level.

Today, I’m gonna give you some ways to learn English at home.

First way is you must surround yourself in English. This doesn’t mean that you must go in English-speaking countries. This means, find a way which is English can be your partner every day. Just like go shopping. You can write down all you need to buy.

Second, read as much as you can. Don’t read very advance book. You can read book for teenage, especially of you’re beginner. By reading lots, you can learn new vocabularies/phrases.

Third, listen to native English speakers as much as you can. Whether it’s American, British, Canadian, Australian English speakers. The goodness of listening to native English speakers is you will familiarize yourself on how they pronounce the words correctly. Also, you can familiarize yourself to the different English accent.

Fourth, learn to real English. Real English is also a native English speakers. You can listen to their podcast. You can find podcast in ITunes.

Fifth, learn about other culture. Learning about other other is fun way because you’re connecting your learning to real situation. And the last is set yourself realistic goal. If your goal is for promotion, going abroad, or whatever, you will be energetic to learn every day. The most important is whatever you do, have fun!


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