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Learn English With Songs


(Titanic – “My heart will go on” – Celine Dion)


(Free English listening comprehension course)


Chatsifieds English Listening Teaching Team 1

Lead by Academy English Tutor Małgorzata Kubicius, assist by Tutor fellows Mhemz ABDULA and Grace L. Abelardo.


An English student is watch english video on her computer chatsifieds easy english

Take your listening Lessons and prepare you for the test of  the free “Certificate of English Listening Comprehension” exam.


Exercise 1 – Listening Comprehension (verbs)

Exercise 2 -Listening Comprehension (grammar)

Exercise 3 – Listening Comprehension (fill in the gap)


Chatsifieds Learn English Through English Stories emoji with headphones

happy learning and start listening



Video power by Filledagreat .




headphones for learning through English stories chatsifieds


Listening Exercise 1


Listen to the song and complete this first exercise



open English book and graduation hat Chatsifieds easy english


Exercise 2

Listening comprehension and grammar training


english learning series learn english study hard chatsifieds easy english


Exercise 3



Listen to the song and fill in the gap exercise


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