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What are EduCoins?


EduCoins are our community’s virtual currency, You can use your virtual coins to exchange live classes with our community native speaker tutors.


educoins As promised, as our most active and hardworking members, you have now started collecting EduCoins and those of you who collect at least 100 EduCoins will be invited to join our exclusive VIP club for a free live class with our native English speaker mentor.


How Can I Earn EduCoins?


It is so easy to earn our virtual coins. 


Each week we will announce winners in these three categories:


educoins 1. Top student. You can earn points by completing our weekly *TT Friday test. The test is worth 15 EduCoins (only students with at least 10 right answers will be counted)


2. Top Contributor. You can earn your points by posting on our group. Students whose posts are most liked and commented on are rewarded with 10,8 and 5 EduCoins (excludes moderators).


3. Top Headhunter. You can earn points by inviting your friends to the group. You get 1 EduCoin per member whom you encouraged to join our group.


Tally Board For Best and Hardworking English Learners


My EduCoins 


Member NameAvailable EduCoinsRedeem EduCoins Earn Educoins in total
Lydia Lavenza II31031
Svitlana Malina-Bulatova28028
Matty Peca22022
Naveen Darshana Bandara15015
Domingos Fernandes de Sousa15015
Tamim Amiry 15015
Mohammad Abuzar Ausama15015
Bradley Alex Magina14014
Mikael Nascimento14014
Assil Omer14014
Anas Aliyu Dispenser18018
Selma Yasmine BL14014
Zafar Iqbal14014
Petra Fort 14014
Baren Brang14014
Chamila Perera13013
Arnold Montego13013
Houda Mamouni13013
Naveen Darshana Bandara13013
Susana Yana Avila13013
Dina Cehic13013
Zafar Ali 12012
Prince Lee12012
Vangie Ivy11011
Bherji Bheel10010
Bionick Kabeya10010
Keith NA808
Pallab English505
Fathy Abd El Hadi101

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