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Do you know the history and correct usage of the rare English word “Solstice”?


New English words to learn, What is Solstice?  Solstice is a noun and pronounces as “SAHL-stiss”.

Definition :

1: either of the two points on the ecliptic at which its distance from the celestial equator is greatest
2: the time of the sun’s passing one such point on the ecliptic which occurs about June 21 to begin summer in the northern hemisphere and about December 21 to begin winter in the northern hemisphere

Solstice Origin:

In the Northern Hemisphere, the summer solstice usually occurs on June 20 or 21 and the winter solstice on December 21 or 22.

In the Southern Hemisphere, where the seasons are reversed, the solstices are exactly the opposite.

For several days around the time of the solstices, the sun’s appearance on the horizon at sunrise and sunset seems to occur at the same spot, before it starts drifting to the north or south again.

Solstice gets its shine from sol, the Latin word for “sun.” The ancients added sol to -stit- (a participial stem of sistere, which means “to stand still”) and came up with solstitium. Middle English speakers shortened solstitium to solstice in the 14th century.


Solstice Examples:

  • Since both CHANike and Christmas were originally winter solstice celebrations, they often coincide and compete.
  • At the winter solstice two daggers touch the outsides of the spiral.
  • The solstice marks the beginning of winter.
  • The winter solstice was only three days away, and the urge to have a raucous good time among friends took hold.
  • In these long summer evenings around the solstice there is a sense that night really begins and ends in the woods.
  • For instance, by the summer solstice on 21 June, the crops should be long since planted in the ground.
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