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What are subject pronouns

What are subject pronouns in English grammar?


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What are subject pronouns lessons by chatsifieds

In English grammar, what are subject pronouns?


Pronouns are words used to avoid repetitions of a noun.


1) Subject pronouns are the pronouns used:

2)  As the subject of the verb;


To replace the noun phrase subject and avoid repetitions.


We distinguish subject pronouns depending on their number (singular, plural) and gender (masculine, feminine, neutral). They go before verbs in the sentence. These are the forms:


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Pronouns as the subject of the verb:

  • I am fat.
  • You are slim.
  • He is tall.
  • She is gorgeous.
  • It is large.
  • We are younger.
  • You are athletic.
  • They are obese.


Pronouns used to replace the noun phrase subject and avoid repetitions:

  • Tom, take off that scarf, you look funny.
  • John is tall but he is also thin.
  • Maria is originally from France, she is French.
  • I like the colour yellow, it is so bright and happy.
  • Amy and I come from England, we are English.
  • You and Peter are always talking, you are really talkative.
  • Tim and Tara are unhealthy, they just eat junk food.




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What are subject pronouns?


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