8 words that start with G/H you should add to your vocabulary

by Jan 21, 2019English Vocabulary

Ashin Damika

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ONE for NOT+ [one or one+] [G] [H]


8 common but useful words that start with Letter G/H you should add to your word vocabulary now, Thank you.Ashin Damika



gentile = not a Jew

gentle = (kind),not rough/slow & soft / (Of gentle breeding=of a birth / A gentle blow=not a hard blow / A gentle slope=not a steep hill / A gentle wind = not strong – – -)


Gordian = ( to cut a Gordian knot = not to untie a knot but to cut through it) / not to find a way out of difficulty but to settle the question by force.


half-hearted = not eager.


hard = (difficult) / not soft / (unkind,cruel or unjust) / (A hard & fast rule = a rule which cannot be changed / a hard voice=one which is not musica / hard of hearing=not able to hear clearly / Hard cash (= real money ) = eg. not just a promise to pay.


hard-bitten = (Am.having a strong will), not easily guided.


Hardly = not quite.


Hard-mouthed = (of a horse) not easily driven or guided / (using rough speech).


(homelike or causing one to remember home/homely speech=simple common speech/Homely fare=simple food)/Am.not good looking/


Homely = ( homelike or causing one to remember home / homely speech = simple common speech / Homely fare= simple food) / Am.not good looking / (in Australia)friendly & very kind to guests.

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