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My Special Child

It was in the year 1990 when my brother in law who works in the United States had told me that a gadget was invented for the deaf people, for them to communicate well with other hearing people. That time I didn’t yet know that my first born child is deaf and mute, without any knowledge or idea about her condition until she reached the age of two I noticed something unusual to her that made me think that there was something wrong, unable to speak even with the simplest word I taught.

We decided to bring her in Manila for some hearing test and the test was done while she was sleeping, connecting some device on her back head to check her hearing level and found out after that her deafness is severe to profound. At first, it was very hard for me to accept her condition, feeling so much pain and disappointments but as time goes by I learned to accept the truth.

At her age of six, the first thing I did was to look for a special school where she fits and to meet her needs. The first school where she learned the sign language method is only a public school with well-trained teachers and good facilities.

After finishing her Elementary schooling I transferred her to a nearby Highschool where there is also special classes and buildings specially made for them, the well known Pampanga High School.

From there we traveled home in one hour or more for almost ten years of her schooling which really big sacrifice for me that time to leave her younger sibling with the care of my mother.

The school required the parents to study also sign language for two months and I devoted my two months to learn the language also. 

The School where she finished Elementary, she was the top student of the class and in Highschool, she was always on the list of top ten students which really made me proud and eases my burden anyhow.

Despite her disability, there is always possibility and achievement for her. She never wasted any chances or time if she sees she can do it, she will surely accomplish it.

She is 20 yrs. old when she tried her luck to apply for a job and luckily she passed the test and worked in a famous clothing store. With my daughter’s attitude of pursuing anything despite her disability, she only proves that there is nothing impossible in this world if we want to achieve something, any lack in our being is not a hindrance.

Thank you for reading my short story hope it inspired all of you a lot.

Here are some of my daughter’s photos during her teen years,  She’s 26 years old now with a happy family.

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