400 Words Essay Challenge Article – AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE

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Tess Siazon Tuliao Garlitos

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Of all the days and nights in my whole life, one night stands alone as something memorable to me. It might be something paradoxical to all because this night was a stormy night.

The storm started quite early in the afternoon. All the houses in the neighborhood were closed and securely tied to be sure that they will not be blown away by the raging wind.

The storm fury strengthened at midnight. In our house, the painful cues and moans of my poor mother were in rhythm with the tormenting sound of the wild wind as the night deepened. My father and an old woman were sitting beside my mother comforting her. My mother was in intense pain, her face and all over her body were drenched with sweat. It was an agony unbearable to endure.

It was already dawn. The storm calmed down. My mother was already smiling and beside her was her newborn babe. That baby was me. Hence, that stormy night was so memorable to me.

(I miss my mom. )

Thank you,
Tess Siazon Tuliao Garlitos

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