List of 24 Common Synonyms in English starting with D and Examples

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Today I am going to share with you common and useful English words thesaurus. 24 common synonyms words starting with d.



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List of 24 Common Synonyms in English (Letter D) with Examples


ONE for NOT + (one or one+) (Words starting with d)


  1. dauntless = not afraid of anything, (daun t= to prevent a person from acting by fear, to control by fear/Nothing daunted=not frightened)
  2. defective = not complete,(having faults, Mentally defective=not possessing the mental powers of mind like other people, defect=a small faults)
  3. deficient = not perfect/(lacking something)
  4. deign(to) = (to be) not too proud to
  5. deshabille = dishabille / endeshabille=not fully dressed
  6. desist = not do any more,(to cease doing)
  7. destitute = not having,(without)
  8. difficult = not easy / (A difficult person=one who is hard to please)
  9. diligent = not wasting time(& working with care)
  10. dim = not bright / (of an idea)not clear
  11. direct = not going round about,(straight, eg. The direct road / A direct
  12. descendant=- – – from father to son//to guide, to control, eg. a business/to cause to turn,
    eg. Direct your eyes toward/to aim at or send to, eg. to direct a letter/to tell a person the way to a place, eg. Please direct me to the post – office)
  13. disability = (the state of)not being able/ (weakness / to disable=to make unable / towound)
  14. disagree = not to agree, (to quarrel)
  15. discontented = not satisfied / (unhappy)
  16. discourteous = not polite
  17. disgruntled = (in a bad temper through) not having got what was expected
  18. dissonant = not agreeing in sound
  19. distrait = not of the present business / (thinking of other thing)
  20. distrust = not to have faith in
  21. dormant = not active/(sleeping)
  22. downstairs = not in the upper part of the house
  23. dry = not wet, not interesting, (eg. a dry book)(to take out all the water from/ to dry=to make dry / To dry up=become dry / Sl. Dry up!=stop talking/dryer=more dry, an instrument or machine used for drying
  24. dull = not keen(of sight or other senses)/not bright or clear(of light, sound, pain)/not sharp (eg. a knife)/not active (eg. trade) / (slow in understanding / uninteresting)

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