English Love Poems, Stories and Quotes by Nasiru Sani

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Nasiru Sani

Nasiru Sani

Poerty Artist (Nigeria)

  • Leadership strengths (Level 10)
  • Poetry Artist (Level 1)

English Love Poems, Stories and Quotes by Nasiru Sani

My favorite “Love Poems. Stories and Quotes” to share with all my friends around the world!


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Nasiru Sani.

My quotes about "Student"

Every students have to be respectful towards teachers.


Every students should be punctual to school quite often.


There is no shame in terms of learning.

My quotes about "Knowledge"

We have to keep on seeking knowledge.


Note that seeking knowledge is an endless journey.


Knowledge is bedrock soil of life.

My quotes about "Unity"

Unity forms rapid development in community.


Unity brings about sudden prosperity towards people.


Unity signifies good interaction among people.


Unity forms integrity in society.

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