English Quotes about Life and Attitude by Nani Herlina

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Nani Herlina

Nani Herlina

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My English Quotes about Life and Attitude


My Quotes about Life and Attitude!


Thank you,

Nani Herlina
Don't look for perfection!

warm greetings to all ..

if it’s difficult for us to love,

then don’t hate it.

if you can’t praise,

don’t blaspheme.

if you can’t appreciate,

don’t insult.

don’t look for perfection,

but perfect what is there!

Community cooperation

Good morning everyone

I hope today will be fun for all friends in this group,

please do not hurt each other,

even if there is one among our friends,

write polite or non-hurtful suggestions or criticisms,

do not let one member come out,

therefore sorry before,

I don’t mean to patronize all of you, 

just to remind you,

because yourself is not necessarily true.

I am nothing in Appeal all of you are great,

please cooperate from all of you.


Unseen good deeds

the most perfect good deeds are unseen good deeds.

but it can be felt deep into the recesses of the heart,

Good morning

Opportunity to breathe

good morning, thankful for what we enjoy today,

that we are still given the opportunity to breathe and meet here,

have a nice day,

have a great activity..


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