Inspirational Short English Love Quotes to Inspire You in 2019

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Nauman Khan

Nauman Khan

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Friendship is the world strongest bond

GOOD MORNING from me and my friend to all of you Sweet members(friends) (Friendship is the world strongest bond) It’s my Secret,,,

Thank you
Nauman Khan


Inspirational Short English Love Quotes to Inspire You in 2019


My best habit is —- (To be happy always)

Always be happy because Man (human) comes to the world alone and leave the world alone,,,

So it is good for him/her to be happy always with everyone in all sort of situation,,,

Happiness is God best gift and our aim is to maintain it forever,,,

To me, happiness is the first priority and after that the otherworldly activities,,, 

It’s my Secret 

That’s no more secret

Nauman Khan

 It is good to be Simple humble and poor than to be Billionaire having bad nature and extravagant.

Be kind, merciful and helpful and help the poor and the needy with open hearts,

Sweetness overloaded,,,,”

Nauman Khan

Hate can be limited, But Love is limitless
I love my haters, enemies, rival because if once I started hating them my love will be limited,,, And I don’t want to make so,,,,

If Love is life then hate is a double life

It’s my Secret that is no more remained secret,,,,

Nauman Khan

Give support to everybody
Support the poor and the needy
It’s a gift is appointed by God and He will give You this on the day of judgment,,,
It would be the happiest moment for the (reward) recipient,,,,

Reality and fact,,,,

Nauman Khan

Why we love Money, while Allah Almighty(God)has created the beautiful (Nature) scenes in the world but we don’t care and just know how to get and spend money and how to waste our golden time in worldly bears,,,,Nauman Khan


Nauman Khan

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