What makes you afraid? Learn English through short hypothetical stories

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Mogalapu Srinivasarao

Mogalapu Srinivasarao

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What would you do if you were late for an important appointment?

Learn English through a short story.

Dear Sir,

We are so happy that we have got an appointment to meet your pleasurable company. We apologize, a little bit late to attend your interview at Taj Hotel.

we already send a text message to you about rescheduling time of business appointment. We have not attended on time because of the bridge fell down due to heavy rains and floods at this route. While in that circumstance. We had to travel another route which has long distance. We will be there within a few minutes.

If there are any late fees we will pay from our company. We were late because of the long distance that we had to travel.

We hope you will give reschedule time for the business appointment. As you know we are the good business people either sales or service sectors. We have a good network, skilled manpower, good working capital. We have been doing sales and service business for seven decades.

We have valuable customers for doing business their gratitude’s only goes well our business success.

Thanking you,
Yours truly

Thank you, 

Mogalapu Srinivasarao

What makes you afraid?

Learn English through a short story.

Dear Sir,

I need to know and learn more about unknown things.

Despite I am failed at something. These words afraid and fear comes from ignorance.

I always keep my mind for knowing and learning things by GOD BLESSINGS.

I will have to improve and get better results where I was failed. The thing is not going well I am afraid as a human at sometimes.

Understanding not well everyone gets panic at some time. I will have to overwhelm my fear by chanting GOD name and knowing things well at my level. I always like unknown to known.

I will conquer my fear of knowing knowledge by GOD HELP. I like the words believe yourself.

Thank you

Mogalapu Srinivasarao


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